17 July, 2007

drinks and street art

spent some good times with an old friend over the weekend. i never get to see her that much anymore; she's married so its hard. We hang out at Kent St on Smith St - they serve mulled wine, nice! They also have a really chilled out atmosphere, video feed of the street outside and some tasty beets to bring it all together.
After a while it was time to amble down the road for some grub but instead walked into Hogan Gallery. They had the 'Back Up' show on display, very cool. The weird part was that we'd been talking for a large chunk of the evening about street art and graffiti - if it wasn't for the knowledge that we were going to another gallery the next day for the express purpose of buying some works, I think we would have bought a couple then and there - very impressive.
You can check out some of the works that we saw on display over at everfresh studio.

If your bored, and can get Smith St, check out the show its up for another two weeks - I think.


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