25 November, 2011

No 19 - Fat bass beats

Like me you probably have an adaptor to plug your iPhone, iPod or iBleh into your cars stereo system.
I bought a new adaptor earlier in the year which connects my iPhone to the stereo through the tape player.

Since then I have been listening to music and podcasts from my phone every time I've jumped in the car.

At some point the cable stopped working 100%. Since then I've been listening but only with music blasting out of one side of the cars speakers. So while my passengers are deafened I've been comfortably listening to tunes.

But the other day something happened.

I picked up the car from the mechanics jumped in the drivers side, turned on the engine and was meet with music blasting out of all speakers! It was wonderful!

It wasn't that I didn't know that all the speakers worked it was that I'd forgetting how good it is to hear music being played by the full force of the Dolby Surround Pro-Logic stereo system in my car. I know, I should be ashamed.

And as much as I am grateful to listen to music via the radio with all speakers what I'm really grateful for is the bass.

Resting my arm on the door and feeling the vibrations of the fat bass beats up my arm is.... so satisfying!

21 November, 2011

No. 18 - A chance to rest

Grateful to be able to take a long overdue holiday!

For two weeks I will enjoy all that Dubai, The Sultanate of Oman and The Sultanate of Bruni have to offer.

There will be very limited emailing and there will be no meeting to attend. It will be glorious!