23 September, 2009

Clay Marzo - Pro Surfer

There are some truly amazing people in this world. Some incredible places and some awesome fun to be had by all.

22 September, 2009

An Awesome Book

A kids book with a concept I can really get behind. Too many kids don't get the chance to enjoy being a kid and we should dod everything we can so that they can. So here is a book to help bother of us remember.

Not only does this book remind us all to dream but Dallas Clayton (the guy above) has set up a charity (Awesome World Foundation) to donate books directly to school, hospitals , libraries, camps and shelters in the States and around the world. The idea is that not only will kids be encouraged to dream but also how to read.

09 September, 2009

A Box of Sun - Monday Project

In a bid to actual put time aside to draw, paint or play with (read learn) illustrator I signed up to The Monday Project. By having a project it made more sense that I would have that as the catalyst to finding the motivation needed to continue playing around and have fun. I especially wanted to use the project as a way to learn how to actually use illustrator; curiosity is a strange thing.

My first project and its not even completed (its not in illustrator like I wanted!).
A sketch of an empty box under a tree. As there are no clouds in the sky one can assume it is a sunny day therefore a box of sun sits under a tree on top of a rolling hill. A Box of Sun.

Think I'll still put it in illustrator and see what happens; I'm sure it will end up looking completely different.