13 December, 2010

I'm not addicted

Coffee is a love of mine. Sweet delicious coffee. With full fat milk in latte form, it's just wonderful!
But I'm not addicted.
After discussion with friends on Saturday night I have decided that I will not consume caffeine for one full week.

I'm told that when you go on holiday's and don't drink coffee that doesn't count. So here I am, at work, not drinking coffee.

This comic show's kinda how I already feel though it probably doesn't help that I got to bed late last night after seeing Linkin Park LIVE (exciting!).

I'm now starting to wonder if I can hold out. I love the smell of coffee; that first sip....! AAaah it's all just the best drink ever!
But these thoughts are making me think of Jesse Bradford. Jesse played Joey in Hackers (1995) he gets nabbed by the feds and has to go into rehab for 'computer addiction'. The best part.... oh just watch below, the part I'm referring to starts at 0.56

28 November, 2010

Do you play poker?

Every year I host a Girls Only Poker night.

I bring in a dealer. We go through the rules and the basic 'how to play', play some practice hands for half an hour while everyone asks questions of the dealer and I always have print-outs referencing what each of the hands are and where they rank in importance.
I organise wine, champagne, scotch whiskey, cigars, cheese and biscuits, etc.

It's a night giving friends an opportunity to play a game that they probably haven't had much of a chance to play (if at all). Many of my friends have partners that play (some playing regularly). But males and females play poker differently. I like playing poker and my sister and I learned from our Dad when we were little. But playing with boys isn't always as much fun as playing with girls.

Males take the game very seriously from the start; they are inherently competitive. Using tactics that feel like bullying (which is a big part of the game and they love). They are constantly striving to win the pot.

Females on the other hand are generally less serious. We become more serious as each starts to become comfortable with their ability in determining the hands needed to win and have started to win a few hands (positive reinforcement!). They are more likely to be involved with 'catching-up' while playing the game at the same time. And less likely to remember (or care that) there is money on the line.

Girls only poker nights are great fun. Everyone walks away with a smile and usually whoever walks away with the pot is super excited at all the 'free' coffee she will be able to buy.
Sure we are professionals and we don't play with amazing tactics (usually what we've learnt that night) but its great to be able to play the game that many of us listen to partners talk so much about.

If you've never played poker. Find some friends and one friend that knows how who can deal for you and have some fun learning something new!

25 November, 2010

God is not One:The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World and Why Their Differences Matter

My next book lined up and ready to go: Stephen Prothero's "God is not One:The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World and Why Their Differences Matter".
Said to have a "provocative agrument that, contrary to popular understanding, all religions are not simply "different paths to the same God" it will hopefully be a page turner.

It is refreshing to see that among the eight religions Stephen Prothero has included atheism, not a religion that many stand up and call a religion (that I have experienced).

Below is a short YouTube video where Stephen Prothero explains a little more about the idea behind writing the book and what he hopes the book will achieve.

08 November, 2010

A song of praise - Psalm 145

A Praise of David.

1 I will extol You, my God, O King;
And I will bless Your name forever and ever.
2 Every day I will bless You,
And I will praise Your name forever and ever.
3 Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;
And His greatness is unsearchable.

4 One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.
5 I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty,
And on Your wondrous works.
6 Men shall speak of the might of Your awesome acts,
And I will declare Your greatness.
7 They shall utter the memory of Your great goodness,
And shall sing of Your righteousness.

8 The LORD is gracious and full of compassion,
Slow to anger and great in mercy.
9 The LORD is good to all,
And His tender mercies are over all His works.

10 All Your works shall praise You, O LORD,
And Your saints shall bless You.
11 They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom,
And talk of Your power,
12 To make known to the sons of men His mighty acts,
And the glorious majesty of His kingdom.
13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.

14 The LORD upholds all who fall,
And raises up all who are bowed down.
15 The eyes of all look expectantly to You,
And You give them their food in due season.
16 You open Your hand
And satisfy the desire of every living thing.

17 The LORD is righteous in all His ways,
Gracious in all His works.
18 The LORD is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.
19 He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
He also will hear their cry and save them.
20 The LORD preserves all who love Him,
But all the wicked He will destroy.
21 My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD,
And all flesh shall bless His holy name
Forever and ever.

20 October, 2010

Up there

There are some art forms out there that one day might die out.

I like painting - I don't do it often at all these days but some days (like yesterday) I'll pull out a brush, pick up a canvas and continue painting one of the many pieces I have kicking around the place. It's relaxing. My mind wonders to places I don't get a chance to go to often (memories of walking other peoples dogs and eating ice-cream at the beach).

But I wasn't talking about me I was talking about dying art forms. And painters that paint adverts on walls in America is one of them.

The music in this section of the documentary is captivating - it really adds so much more meaning to the video. And though it is sponsored by Stella Artois it is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the complete movie in a cinema in Melbourne.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

18 October, 2010

One day I'll find you

There are many people in this world; close to seven billion according to Wikipedia.
But how many of them really matter to you?

Most people can only have 2 or 3 really close friends - best friends if you will. But how many of us actually find those people and keep them for years? I'm not sure.

There are some things that are important to being a really good friend or lover. This is a list of characteristic qualities I've been working on for quite some time now.

  • Kind and compassionate
  • Honest
  • Truthful
  • Hard-working
  • Exercises self-control
  • Gentle tongue (speaks kindly)
  • Generous
  • Forgiving
  • Willing to be correct and listen to counsel
  • Wise
  • Integrity
  • Faithful and reliable
  • Humble
  • Willing to admit when wrong
  • Avoids excesses
  • Has control of their temper
  • Can keep confidence
  • Not contentious but a peacemaker
  • Has concern for others especially poor and oppressed
  • Not jealous of others
  • Has a positive outlook on life
Anything I've missed?

20 September, 2010

Thinking it is one thing but then saying...

"some times I just want to... punch him in the head!" turns out to be a good thing to say.

08 September, 2010

Future watches are almost here

Mutewatch is a silent alarm in the shape of a vibrating wristband. This discreet device with its hidden touch screen brings structure and time back to its user. It serves as a quiet reminder that helps you follow your own agenda without disturbing people in your surroundings.

You may have seen my post last year about future watches and now it seems we are inches ever so slightly closer.

The most exciting thing about the Mutewatch is the prospect that it doesn't look like a watch. That is isn't loud.

At my work there is one particular man with a loud watch. So far, in the middle of important conversations I've had to stop and say "your watch is very loud. why is it so loud?" three times. He doesn't know why its loud, in fact he can hardly hear it. And to be quite frank from all the gigs I'v been to I probably should be able to hear it either. But I can and I don't like it.
But that is neither here nor there.

02 September, 2010

26 August, 2010

Bridesmaids... and gold string bikini's

Brides can make the most alarming choices for their bridesmaids at times.
Someone somewhere will look at these pics and think "Yes, I would love to see my bridesmaids walking down the aisle in gold string bikini's".

But as "the day" draws closer for one of my friends I just can't help but send her pictures of ridiculous things we as bridesmaids should *wink wink nudge nudge* wear.

Nothing says 'Best Wedding' better than gold string bikinis and gold stripper heels!
Check out that snake skin edging on those platforms that's pure class there, pure class.

16 August, 2010

For Delia

A special little post just for Delia.

Have you noticed the air is warming?
Have you noticed the fresh growth sprouting from trees?
Can you hear the birds singing louder?
You just know spring is almost here.

09 August, 2010

New Job

This morning there was excitement as I left my house; I've a new job!

Technically I started last week but that was mostly just getting a vague run down of things. Today was the day I'd get to start doing some new work, some exciting work. Opening the front office door I noticed that my new boss wasn't in yet but that was ok. I got a coffee, booted up my computer and generally got ready to tackle the new and unknown tasks this day would hold.
9am came and went - still no new boss. 9:30am still no new boss.
Turns out my new boss had decided to work from home today and forgot to mention it to anyone in our office.

*sigh* I had such high hope for this new job.

Still, I'm staying optimistic.
Tomorrow things will look better.
Tomorrow I will get to tackle new and exciting challenges.
Tomorrow is when my new job must be going to begin.

21 July, 2010

Makes you question.

My role and place on the internet is something I have contemplated on and off for many years.

How much information about myself should I share, free for anyone to read, watch, see?
At what point do I simply become an internet whore? (If I'm not already...?)
Though I enjoying writing and drawing in notebooks do I really want people (and even friends) do know as much about me through Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, Last.FM, and all the other sites I'm on ? Is there still any mystery around who I am when you take away all these profiles? Yes. I know the answer is yes because it is my that decides what goes on these sites, it is me that is the brand manager and strategist for.... me.
(insert long rant about internet, people, suicide rate, depression rate, privacy, etc.)

Either way. I am here. On the internet whoring my soul out to anyone that will give me attention - nah, I'm not really that bad at all.
One day I'll write a book - one of those ones with pages made out of crushed up trees, till then...

BUT The Social Network is indeed a movie I'll be watching; they are going to make millions with this flick!

19 July, 2010

God has a better way for you.

I have a couple of notice boards in my room. One has pictures, postcards, writings and musing. The other pictures and name of people etc regarding prayer.

One the first pin board is pinned an A4 print out which speaks on failure.

We all suffer failure and we all need to deal with it. What I found and have stuck on this pin board I read often. It helps to remind me that things are bigger than I what I feel at any given time. That what I perceive as failure now God can potentially use positively latter.

This is what my print out says:

"Failure doesn't mean - "You are a failure",
It means - You have not succeeded.

Failure doesn't mean - "You accomplished nothing,"
It means - You have learned something.

Failure doesn't mean - "You have been a fool,"
It means - You had a lot of faith.

Failure doesn't mean - "You don't have it,"
It means - You were willing to try.

Failure doesn't mean - "You are inferior,"
It means - You are not perfect.

Failure doesn't mean - "You've wasted your life,"
It means - You have a reason to start afresh.

Failure doesn't mean - "You should give up,"
It means - "You must try harder.

Failure doesn't mean - "You'll never make it,"
It means - It will take a little longer.

Failure doesn't mean - "God has abandoned you"
It means - God has a better way for you.

23 June, 2010

19500 frames

A beautifully shot amazing 13 minute video of the 24 Hours Nürburgring touring race in Germany, mostly looking at BMW (who wins).

I found it almost calming in parts though I was concerned when the petrol court on fire as they were re-fueling at the 10 minute mark.

The whole thing is really well put together from the music and lighting (probably natural) to the little notes of text telling you what hour it is and how many frames you've already watched.

Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think.

24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES from tim hahne on Vimeo.

30 April, 2010

'Son of Hamas' Buy the book. Watch the YouTube video's

*This is a straight up copy and paste from the BBC's site. But I have bought the book, watched the YouTube video's and now I want more people to read this MinD-BlowinG story!

'Son of Hamas' who spied for Israel - By Lyse Doucet BBC News, New York

Hamas leader's son 'was Israeli spy'. For Mosab Hassan Yousef, everything begins and ends with God. The startling journey of the eldest son of a Hamas leader, a Christian convert, and former Israeli spy, has shocked, angered, and intrigued. We meet in New York on the day his new book, Son of Hamas, is published in the country he fled to a few years ago. Before we start our interview, a burly man in his entourage asks his own question. I take him for a bodyguard, possibly an Israeli. "Could we say our prayers first?" he asks our BBC team. And then, they bow their heads in Christian prayer asking for God's blessing.

Green Prince

Mosab Hassan Yousef repeatedly makes it clear in our wide-ranging interview that he now sees himself walking in the path of Jesus Christ, whom devout Christians regard as the son of God. He says he is also suffering for his beliefs, "carrying the cross," as Jesus did, as told in the Bible. The man whose Israeli code name became the Green Prince admits how he has gone from being "a prince in my country to the lowest possible level, of being a traitor". But he is still a man on a mission: "I want my people to understand I am not doing what they want, but what they need."

His book tells the story of a young man raised in a strict Muslim family in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in the folds of the Hamas movement. But he lands in an Israeli prison before he is 20, experiences Israeli torture, but also witnesses torture by Hamas inmates against other Palestinians. A young Palestinian's rage against Israeli occupation is soon matched by growing hatred of what he sees as the corruption of the Palestinian Authority, the violent ideology of Hamas and finally the precepts of his own Islamic faith. His mood is still surprisingly upbeat. "I am more optimistic than at any time in the past, and hopeful about the future. I am sure I will help my people as I helped them in the past, even though they didn't appreciate it." But he expressed hope that one day they would, even if it was not in his own lifetime.


Appearing relaxed, and dressed casually in jeans and an open-necked shirt, 32-year-old Mosab said he wrote this book because what he did had "opened a thousand questions in everybody's mind". He makes the bold assertion that in a decade of spying for the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet, he served his own agenda, not theirs. "This is a dangerous statement," he boasts, "but I say it with a lot of confidence."

He describes his agenda as "stopping bloodshed" - disrupting Palestinian suicide bombings against Israelis, and Israel's assassination of Palestinian leaders, including his own father. He claims to have stopped then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from killing several key Hamas members, and said he saved the life of current President Shimon Peres. He said he had to do "the right thing". But this week his father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who is in an Israeli prison, disowned his son on behalf of the entire family. "This is really hard," Mosab admits. "On the eve of releasing a book, I should celebrate with family members." But he believes his problem is not with his father, who has clearly been the most important person in his life. "My problem is not with my father, but his God."

'Not in hiding'

For a convert who speaks so strongly against Islam, and what he sees as its support for acts like suicide bombings, he shows no fear aside from the presence of his bodyguards. He and his aides make a point of letting us know his book will soon be published in Arabic. Most copies will be free."I am not in hiding… you can find out where I live on Facebook," he says, referring to his page on the social media site. Mosab says neither Shin Bet nor Hamas tried to prevent his story from being published. But he flashes a smile as he reflects on the irony that both organisations shared the same interest in stopping it. Barely suppressing a wide grin, he says he has more secrets to reveal but will not do it now, lest he harm operations that may be underway. For now, he says he is spending time "building many bridges". But he admits he has also burnt some old ones.The interview over, he is still thinking about his God. He looks me in the eye and says "I think you are a Christian".

*You can purchase his book off his site*

18 February, 2010

A little drum beat history

History of the Amen drum beat - six seconds of groovy awesomeness.
You know the beat now discover the history behind it.