28 September, 2007

Tribute for Mick

Yes, I know its late notice but I just kept forgetting to put this up.
Four bands - the Tote - tonight - 8 bucks entry.

Mister Coffee - I actually thought had dissolved... shows how much I know. I used to see them when they played with 99% Fat... back in the day, heheee 'back in the day' i make myself laugh!

If you can swing it; check it out!

26 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 3

may angels meet you there
in this circle of night
drinking the air
may angels meet you there

25 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 2

you ask and I give
I ask and what?
where are you; listen to me?
my soul is twisting and aching
you're killing me from inside
when will you hear me
when will you love me?

this is the world i live
your eyes
your smell

you're eating my soul

21 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 1

there are so many words
i can't get through them all
where do you find the time, the energy, the passion

i'm slowly being drained
all i see are numbers in this rat race of hate

you stole my colour and replaced it with nothing
i'm lying here a shell...

...days have gone past

14 September, 2007

Crazy UK peeps

Chatting with a buddy that moved to the UK about three months ago.

amiriche: where are you?
amiriche: sitting on some pebble beach on a banana lounge dressed in your winter woolens while the rest of the UK is stark naked in the sun?
calamity_cow: i'm at work.... they took all the fun internet stuff like facebook away from us..... but they left mensenger.....
calamity_cow: Can you say stoooooopid!!!
amiriche: STOOOOPID!
calamity_cow: Seriously what do they think they are achieving!
amiriche: heheee lower productivity
calamity_cow: I wasn't even using this before they took the stuff away from us and now i waste more time on this thing.....
calamity_cow: Your a classic :D
calamity_cow: People totally get naked as soon as the sun comes out
calamity_cow: they are nuts!
calamity_cow: Its like a stampede to get out of the house when the sun breaks the clouds on the weekend!
amiriche: coz everyone that uses facebook didn't read the article/s that the news broadcasters have been flooding the market with saying how much money it is costing employees
amiriche: oh did anyone think to mention how much money its saving them tho
amiriche: how much more time is going to be spent by employees to try and find new forms of entertainment to help keep them in their crappy jobs?!
amiriche: I ask you Calamity, I ask you?!
amiriche: ... well, not you, you Calamity, you. But you in the general human being form...
calamity_cow: I hear you sister!
calamity_cow: I'm a wikipedia addict now..... i spend hours reading about greek gods and pie.

12 September, 2007

The colour of munny

Yet another exciting bit of 'art culture' happening in Melbourne. We really are the cultural capital, or whatever it is they call us... cultural hub, artist haven.... I've no idea but its something wanky I'm sure of it.

11 September, 2007

Jose Parla

Jose Parla. His work is an amazing mixed of not only textures and materials but of ideas and expression. He creates pieces after walking through cities and absorbing their atmosphere, their vibe, spirit and soul.
He says "
My work is inspired by the anonymous art found in the streets. The art is often in the form of calligraphy or the actions of torn and stripped posters. The inscriptions in my work are used as a form of drawing, and to maintain a record of my observations."
How I would love to watch him work in person. One day perhaps.

06 September, 2007

Good Omens

As I just turn the last page, no more than five minutes ago, all I could say (out loud to myself as I stood at my front door unable to stop reading and open it) was "wow that WAS a really good book!"
I had already come to this conclution even before I started reading - the authors gave that away. But as you're traveling around the city - I mostly just read on public transport - and stranger comment on how cool the book is that you're reading, expectations rise, just a little with each person - mine where pretty high by two-thirds through.
Yeah, it's an old book but I've read other old books and the only those ones strangers have commented on have been William Gibson's; sometimes comics and 'graphic novels' too. One average it's once every six months. Not twice in three weeks!

I ramble.... that is the point of a blog though so I shouldn't mind but I've got a gig to get too.
Read the book - its cool - lots agree with me ^_^

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - 1990.

Doze Green

You'll probably recognise his work. Its pretty popular.
I'm not so great with words so check out the show at the Paper Shadow Gallery, opening Friday 7 Sep at 6pm. 34 Franklin St. Then you can describe his stuff and style in good words :)
It's part of a whole big thing... check that out too

05 September, 2007


This Thursday Antiskeptic are playing along with Pillar and Switchfoot. Can you guess who's headlining? Still it should be enjoyable. If you're in the Melbourne area stop by - I'm guessing that tickets haven't sold out.