28 July, 2009

We don't get air like this in Melbourne.

22 July, 2009

You Love Random Launch Party!

The time has finally come! After a year and a half in the making it is has come to the point for a launch party. Yes, it is late but really when did we have the time before now? Well, we didn't and now we do. So this launch party has been building up for quite some time and is set to be AWESOME because of this wait!

Here is what the YOU LOVE RANDOM website says;

Slip on your Hoodie, grab your skateboard and get to Horse Bizaar to celebrate with the new kids on the distribution block; You Love Random, that's US!


Thursday 23 July 8:30pm

Horse Bizaar

397 Little Lonsdale Street


With free beer for some, free chocolate for others, bands, an xbox and maybe even a turducken you just know it’ll be the best party since 1982!

T-shirt orders can be picked up at the launch free of postage charges too!

Live music provided by;
Alex & Sarah
The Tealeaves

14 July, 2009

My heart.

You want to hear my heart.

I'll tell you what it sounds like. Ripping! Slow slow ripping. And then the squishy sound as someone squeezes all the blood and life out of it.

That's what my heart sounds like; that's what you hear.


Here is an enlarged human heart and a normal heart photographed by the good people of National Geographic.
The heart is an incredible muscle and this image brings to light how amazing it is. We need to look after our hearts; guard our hearts.

13 July, 2009

Stuck in my head... but I luv it!

So Human is from Lady Sovereign's latest album Jigsaw. It's a bit of a different step from her first album. This new one is a bit more femanine, she's brocken up with some dude and it still has some of her amusing rythmic quips that just get stuck in your head! Coz really "doesn't it feel much betta, when ya have a beta day than yesterday"

09 July, 2009

After 5+ years it was over

What does one say when a 5 year relationship crumbles and dissolves?
Well apparently I said this;

i fell numb
i swear my soul left my body when i walked through the door
i failed again; the news hasn't set in
i sit here waiting
waiting for the rain to begin

this is the way it happens, again and again and again
but you push it aside and continue smiling
I'm getting tired but i'll keep going
always do