13 December, 2010

I'm not addicted

Coffee is a love of mine. Sweet delicious coffee. With full fat milk in latte form, it's just wonderful!
But I'm not addicted.
After discussion with friends on Saturday night I have decided that I will not consume caffeine for one full week.

I'm told that when you go on holiday's and don't drink coffee that doesn't count. So here I am, at work, not drinking coffee.

This comic show's kinda how I already feel though it probably doesn't help that I got to bed late last night after seeing Linkin Park LIVE (exciting!).

I'm now starting to wonder if I can hold out. I love the smell of coffee; that first sip....! AAaah it's all just the best drink ever!
But these thoughts are making me think of Jesse Bradford. Jesse played Joey in Hackers (1995) he gets nabbed by the feds and has to go into rehab for 'computer addiction'. The best part.... oh just watch below, the part I'm referring to starts at 0.56