29 February, 2008

shoes. DC shoes

A friend picked up a pair of DC's the other day and they are completely green. Seriously everywhere! The sole, the stitching, the laces - everything!
He really doesn't know much about shoes so when asked for more info about them, well... nothing.
Here's my thought.
Back in 2005 DC and a restaurant called the Spotted Pig collaborated on a pair of shoes for the employees. They came up with these bright orange DC shoes that had a little pig at the back of the shoe. Since then they were released to the public in August 2007. I think he's got a variation of them.

But that's not completely the part that is driving me nuts. It the fact that I can remember seeing this photo of the shoes back in 2005 sitting on this giant plate surrounded by salad, like they were a dish on the menu.

Instead I'll just give you this, not so exciting, pic I stole from the good ppl at Freshness mag.

28 February, 2008

Note from Georgia Fields & the Freeways

Dearest friends!

My Manchester Lane show is drawing ever-closer, like a distant light flickering on the horizon...

I'M SO EXCITED!!! I think I might have just wet my pants a little bit from excitement!

So, for those of you who need the info again...

Wednesday 5th March
Manchester Lane
(36 Manchester Lane, Melbourne 3000)
Supports on from 8pm, tickets at the door

I've had one rehearsal with the string players, and they're so good they made me cry... There'll be brass players on the night too, plus a confused children's toy, extra vocalists, and as always my wonderful band The Freeways!

But wait, there's more...

Ben Manusama (you might remember Ben from such gigs as My Album Launch) is kicking the night off with his ukulele, acoustic ensemble and some brand new songs. Think somewhere between Marvin Gaye and Jose Gonzales. He played me his new ditty the other day and I've been singing it ever since! Genius.

Sarah Humphreys (soulful nu-folk singer-songwriter from Sydney) will also be joining us.. Judith and I saw her in January and I was blown away. She is a dynamo, and we're so lucky to have her!

If you're one of those old-timey folks who still listens to the radio, tune in to Triple R on this Monday 3rd March - Judith and I will be playing live-to-air and doing a short interview sometime between 8pm and 10pm!

I better go, I'm busy making some more "Golden Book" albums for sale on the 5th...

See you at Manchester Lane!

27 February, 2008

I didn't count 1000 best I trust him...

If you managed to make it through the door, up the old school wooden stairs and actually into the Bus Gallery tonight you did well. Honestly that space was tiny! With hoards of people outside and jammed into that tiny space I'm amazed I felt still breathing.
In case you missed it tonight was the opening of Two's solo exhibition 1000 cans. He hand painted 1000 cans - one every day for about 18 months.
This show was amazing - he's work mesmerizing. I overheard one guy who explained it perfectly "you can't choose one favourite but three... that might be possible".

Seeing Two's work evolve over the cans is captivating. He's work is flowing and has an almost liquid feel to it. With certain images appearing many times over you seem to be reading a story of a man - Two or someone that looks a lot like him - and his encounters with owls, fish, butterflies and the occasional goat and elephant; there is more as there always is but really you need to check it out for yourself.

Bus Gallery - 117 Little Lonsdale (its a grey building). It's on for a while check the poster a few posts back for actual dates.

Below are a few pics - quality isn't great and don't provide any justice.

26 February, 2008

In my little universe

Everyone *tips hat*
Here is something to help break up the monotony of the day; it's story time!

Currently, on both the left and the right of our house, we have Auctions coming up shortly. One side is an apartment and the other side is a lush house.

On the weekend my Dad returned from the country. On his trip back in he passed two Goanna's - from the same family as the Komodo dragon - one was live and quickly ran across the road. The other... road kill and few kilometers back. Dad - being the joker and stirrer that he is (yes, he's were I get it from :P) - stops and picks up the dead Goanna. You know coz he's doing a service... - helping those in the area coz no-one wants a smelly dead goanna near their house.
The dead Goanna comes home with dad - tongue sticking out and all intact.

Why? Is that what you asked? Why would he bring a dead goanna home; well I'm getting to that. But really the first answer is always Mum.
??? you're still wondering, huh.
To scare mum and play tricks on Mum is a favorite past time for Dad - but you can't do it too often; people catch on after a while - you have to space these things out. Make sure they are really good.

Dad's home now. Mum goes to help dad empty the car, follows him out to the garage, walks into the garage. "EEK! Oh HA HA! very funny. Trying to scar me like that" heheeeee I laughed; Mum laughed later. The dead Goanna resting on the trailer right were mum has to walk, heheee.
Mum's reaction first - done.
Dad moves on. As I sit outside reading the paper he moves the Goanna to a step where students go to smoke - we wait till they come outside. Not really that much of a reaction either - even with a little encouragement from Dad's mock "oh no! what is it? its alive! careful. get back! oh what is it? oh no!" still no really good reaction.
who's next?
Well my older sister would have been straight after mum if she was around but lucky for her she wasn't visiting that day.

The Goanna stays outside as it slowly bloats and starts smelling.

hmmm who could be next? Its got to be done quickly. bingo! Dad chuckles at the thought of his next victim. Our neighbors. hehee
These "better than thou" and little sense of humor neighbors will fell it on a day they wont be so amused. Auction day

The plan.
Preserve the Goanna.
Sit it on our fence. Sit it on our nature strip in the grass. Lots of people to scare.

This is what happens at my house - the universe that lives within our walls.

16 February, 2008

Qee-it will become HUGE!

A Qee is a toy designed by Hong Kong gun Raymond Choy. These funky toys come in various sizes and designs with many difference series' already out there. Artists all over the world have taken a hand to designing series or two. Below (first two images) is a series and custom 8" design by 777 Run. The others, including the 8" custom (last pic) are by Kozik.

15 February, 2008

Lumo and Valentine's Day is gone

Last night I saw a movie. It wasn't a romantic movie or a movie being viewed with a "special" someone. In fact it was watched with three other special someones - my mum and two sisters. We went and saw Lumo.

Lumo is a young women from the Congo and the movie is two years of her story; a reflection of thousands like hers.
As war has crippled eastern Congo for the last 16 years, women are targeted by rebel soldiers and horrifically raped - this includes soldiers using sticks and even their guns to penetrate the Congonese women - as form of war tactic to spread terror and fear among the people.
From this brutal rape many women are left with a fistula— a condition that renders them incontinent, threatens their ability to give birth in the future and without surgery risk death.

Lumo is rejected by her fiancé and cast aside by her family because of the rape (how will she bear children) and because of the shame of incontinence. Lumo finds her way to the one place that may save her: a hospital for rape survivors set on the border with Rwanda. It is here that Lumo is looked after by a team of "Mama's" for the next two years. Free surgery is provided to help restore the ladies so they may return home.

American journalist Ann Curry's report on Feb 13 2008 about the war in Congo.

Donations to the only hospital helping these women (Heal Africa) can be made on their website.

Personally I found the movie very informative and well worth watching. I did note that one of the ladies behind me was making a few nervous and uneasy noises - so be warned some may find the movie too raw - there is only a small amount of sugar coating on this one.

13 February, 2008

Two - 1000 Cans

He responds to Two; he resides in Melbourne and originates from Japan.
Two has finally finished hand painting 1000 spray cans - yes 1000!
My first thought was 'wow, that's cool!' But after a moment you stop and wonder...why?
Most of you will have heard the story of the Japanese girl Sadako Sakasi. Suffering from the "atom bomb disease" she was told a myth - fold 1000 paper cranes and the gods will grant you a wish. Sadako didn't reach her goal and died a year after her diagnosis but Two has reached 1000. Not a 1000 paper cranes and not because he wanted a wish granted but he's done it and just coz.

An exhibition of the 1000 cans will be shown in Melbourne at Bus Gallery. Opening 27th Feb 6pm - check out the poster for more details. See you there.

12 February, 2008

King of Kong: A fistful of quarters

This is being release, I believe, Feb 28 in Australia.
Last night I managed to see it with a friend.
King of Kong is a documentary style movie about two guys. One holds the record for high score on the arcade classic Donkey Kong. The other guy is challenging him 25 years after the high score was created; it has been un-threatened till now.
I saw this with a gamer friend surrounded by arty cutting edge fashion and culture fans. As we left the theatre, after so much laughing at the movie and at the ppl in the movie, I just had to ask. "As funny as that was did you feel like you were being mocked at times?" The answer "Yes and no"
This movie is about hard core arcade gamers. We're talking about the classic games from the 80's. We're talking arcade games of Donkey Kong, Frogger, Q*bert, PacMan and Mrs PacMan. At the begin of the movie it is explained how these classic games are very different from the new video games like Halo, Super Mario Bros, Assassins Creed, Burnout, Baldurs Gate, Final Fantasy's and The Legend of Zelda's. For that you'll have to go see it.
This is certainly worth watching. To the question, out of 10? I'd say 7.5

07 February, 2008


Japan.... such fun and pain. I walked away with many bruises - some from boarding others... drinking and snow don't go so great together. I was in Niseko in the Hirafu region of Hokkiado. Christmas was spent at the top of the mountain drinking some Moet and Chandon we took up with us and New Years Eve was in Sapporo at the temple. I did see one bit of graffiti while I was over there - sock on this bitch, heheee funny. Hope you enjoy the pics and you get a chance to go sometime - Japan is amazing!