18 December, 2007

where has amiriche gone?

In the build up to Christmas things have been a little crazy. I've been completely run down and haven't had the strength to do much at all.
I'm heading to Japan for two weeks to do some snowboarding, which I'm sure I'll get really excited about soon. At this point I know I'm going to miss my family and friends and it brings me down a few notches. I've had my birthday in a few different countries already so that's no big deal but this... going to Japan where they don't really celebrate Christmas, will be hard.
There wont be any waking up early so I can call my sister and get her and her husband to hurry up and get to my parents so we can open presents under the big Christmas tree(yes, I'm still a child). There wont be any going to church, singing Christmas carols and seeing old friends.
There wont be any big Christmas lunch with strange family members and friends that don't have any family in the state or country. There wont be any lying around the back room of our house in the sun doozing. No custard. No setting things on fire. No funny comments from family member that reference years ago. No afternoon movie with my younger sister at the Jam. No meeting up with friends for dancing and drinks. Just snow. Lots of white snow. One friend I haven't seen in four years and a bed on the floor.
This trip will be what I make of it.
I will post pics on my return. Till then I will post maybe once or twice more before I leave.

God Bless you all during this Christmas period and I pray you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

13 December, 2007

CANCELED - The Collectables EP Launch

The Collectables EP Launch has been canceled due to the health of one of the band members. Not sure which one but I've been told that none of them are dying just ill.
So. We must wait. Pray for good health. And just wait for an update.

12 December, 2007


Tonight I went and saw Juno - a movie released next year sometime - with a friend I haven't seen in a while.
This movie was funny, quirky and completely worthy however much it is to go to the movies. My Friend related it to 'Napoleon Dynamite' but not as weird to give you an idea. The attitude of this teenage knocked-up misfit will remind you of your teenage years - the off handed comments and cleaver spinning of conversations with parental figures, oh how I laughed! Too smart but still so much to learn.
I'm also going to think of this movie whenever I see and eat orange Tic-Tac's.

09 December, 2007

The Collectables EP Launch!

18 Dec. The Collectables EP launch is happening at The Tote 8pm.
I've been told the first 5000 to buy a EP on the night will be given a free sticker!

Support is provided by some others bands... two of them...
Distribution of The Collectables is via those crazy guys over at You Love Random.

07 December, 2007

And we're back

Well the exam is out of the way - yeah! I think I did well but we'll see when I get my results back.
Last weekend I did a few different things - parties; one for a shop, one for an engagement, one for a farewell and one just coz. Hang out in some old haunts reading comics and enjoying the vibes - slightly changed as they may be.

I stumble onto one interesting thing that I only found out about at the very last minute - at the Everfresh exhibition at Hogans Gallery the night before in fact. A discuss was happening on the Sunday - Street Alliance was the name.
It was a discussion with a panel of four artists and whatever else it is they are involved with plus a lady from Melbourne Uni - Alison Young a Professor of Criminology.
The focus of the discussion was sited as "A forum discussing the place and importance of street art in the urban environment."
There was discussion about the role that street art plays and the way it has changed over time. The effects that the artists feel will be felt as the laws change in the state and the way that artists attitude will change because of those laws. There was audience question time which produced some interesting characters that were part of the street art scene back in the 80's. One railed about times gone by and the varying level of government support that has been felt.
There was heated discuss about copy write and who in-fact owes that street art - the artist or the public.
As I'm sure you can imagine a lot of areas where covered. But the best part. Someone from the City of Melbourne was there - on what seemed to be her lunch break. She answered a few questions that ppl had and cleared the air about some issues. One of them being that the City of Melbourne wasn't asked to participate in the discussion, which audience members had assumed because they were supporting the event. Plus some of the finer details about Melbourne's use of Street Art Permits - I can't admit to remembering even vaguely what she said I was too distracted by the hot headed audience members.
It was an interesting discussion; just a shame more ppl weren't in attendance.

28 November, 2007

Graffiti battle

The biggest urban art competition worldwide.
Melbourne. Luna Park. Graffiti battle.
This is serious. And I'm SO excited!
Believe me when I say that if I end up asking a million questions and someone answers you will soon see a "Amiriche and the graff dude chat" blog spot here.... I can only wish.

This is what Write4Gold say about it:

The Contest

Write4Gold started in 2002 and since June 2003 about 70 events have occurred world wide! Write4Gold takes place for the first time in Australia 08th of december 2007 at Shakespeare Grove Carpark, St Kilda. Write4Gold has been in all over Europe and the USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Russia. Write4Gold is determined to expose the world to this word “Graffiti” and "Aerosol Art" and demand that it be accepted in the dictionary. One of the main operations of Write4Gold is organizing international graffiti competitions. Write4Gold has chapter representatives in each country. Each chapter conduct's their own country’s competition, produce one champion and then each champion from every country is invited to the european and world finals to Germany. The originators of and only categorical worldcompetition in (the basic fundamentals of graffiti), "Concept Painting", "Tagging","Sketching" and "Throwups" categories, will also climax in the Category Finals.

Write4Gold Mission

Every year we try to feature the best and most innovative graffiti crews from all over the world, include the eastern europe countries like romania, bulgaria, hungary, slovakia or russia. One of our goals is to make this event as international as possible. Write4Gold is a platform for graffiti writers in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves. Since 2002 we try to support young and motivated people willing to take part in the planning and implementation process of Write4Gold.

Critical Points

While reading the philosophy section you might get an idea that of course we still support the culture, especially the graffiti aspect, trying to offer the writers and the audience as much service as possible - more than on many other graffiti events. To the public write4gold might look commercial because it is getting so big and of course it is no longer the kind of underground event like we know in the early days.

It's a free, all-ages, all-day public painting demonstration and concert, resembling a community fair more than a b-boy riot. The daytime event will be followed by a bodyrockin' ticketed after party, showcasing local hip-hop music, dance and art.

Well if you read all that you're doing well!

In any event I'm going! I don't care if I end up going by myself!

You can see why I just had to say something ASAP. Still I've got more to say later for now it time to head home.

night y'all

23 November, 2007

slack - i know

Yes I know I've been very slack this week. In my defense I've had quite a lot on. From simply just hanging with friends I haven't seen in ages to getting to a few last minute gigs. I know you'll forgive me.
I have an exam next week so the chances of a post or two in the build up to it a kinda small. Still I thought you guys may want to know what's happening.

  • Meggs exhibition - Utopian Slumps-5/25 Easey St Collingwood
  • Laura - HiFi bar on Swanston St
  • Laundry for some white boys can't dub thing
  • The Collectables - Barbukka Smith St, Fitzroy
Sunday.... I can't remember there is something happening Sunday evening but I really can't recall. sorry that's pretty poor of me.

I'm still looking for my camera battery charger but as soon as I've found it you can be sure pics of stuff will go up here :)

20 November, 2007

NYE Sapporo Japan

I'll be having NYE in Sapporo Japan and so far my internet scouring haven't produced anything! I'm a little confused. Do Japanese peeps not party at NYE? I figured everyone loved a party and any excuse would do but it seems - at this stage - I'm wrong.

To let you know HOW much I've started grasping at random ideas I tell you this in confidence.
I emailed a few different tattoo places, magazines from Japan plus a few different graffiti websites that only once mentioned any shoes happening in Japan. All in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will know somewhere fun to go and spend NYE 07/08.

19 November, 2007

I've been going to a few different things recently - some I've mentioned here others I haven't. But the one thing I've really wanted to do it put up some photo's of random things I've seen. But you know what?! As soon as I want to take a pic I can't find my camera charger! I've searched the whole place but alas it is no where to be found and to make matters worse my sister can't find her charger either, which means no stealing her camera for random pics. arrrg!

15 November, 2007

Wooden Toy thing

Well I've just returned from the Wooden Toy Issue five launch party. Good times.
I've just got to say that if you are in the city you should really go check out some of the work that is up in the Paper Shadow Gallery - its in the back of Miss Libertine on Franklin St. Amazing stuff from a collection of artists. One sketch I actually thought was a black and white photo of a guy in a mask; incredible.

Tonight was very random. Bumping into ppl you know is always odd but when stranger start coming up and start talking to you as well... you almost start wondering if they're only talking to you coz you seem so approachable coz there is food on your face - only an easy going person would still have food on their face at something like this, I'll talk to them. No idea.
Good times :)

14 November, 2007


meep meep

secret service, body guards, why?

Over the last couple of weeks I've been watching Heroes on DVD. Tonight while out having a late night coffee and wine with my sister we saw what appeared to be secret service people. Men dressed in suits, ear pieces and a lapel pin (not sure it was of but they all had the exact same pin - the paranoid me says it was an Australian flag the less paranoid me says it was just a company pin).
My sister watched them with growing curiosity as some of these men sat at a table next to us drinking coffee, with one eye looking across the street to the other three men in suits waiting outside a restaurant, occasionally one member of the table would intently listen to his ear piece then get up, walk out of the cafe and go talk to the others outside the restaurant.
Who was in there? Why did they need the 6-8 security people? Where they really that important?
Sadly for my sister, as this person being so tightly protected left the building, she missed her opportunity at a brief glance of them. We were to busy laughing about words we couldn't previously spell but now can, at this point we were discussing the word congratulations (its always been a 't' not a 'd'), and they slipped away.

12 November, 2007

Bored early one morning

So what do I do? Grab a camera and head out to get some pics of graffiti in my area. They make a great screen saver.

07 November, 2007

Bonsai & Little Gamers

Isn't it a cool shirt? Pick it up over at Life Lounge. I think you still get a free 22 Flavour shirt with it too.

Little Gamers is also doing a shirt sale thing atm. 3 different designs 50 of each to be sold. As 50 of each is reached the next one goes up for sale till there is none left.
A great idea - it will make my shirt all the more special to me ^_^

06 November, 2007

And the winner is...

Taking the Melbourne Cup from the outside.
Purple Moon second and Mahler third.

I won nothing... for another year.

05 November, 2007

Butterfingers tonight - The Collectables Wednesday.

Tonight down at the corner Butterfingers is playing. $20 for tix. Can't remember when it starts just know it does ;)

And this Wednesday at the Espy The Collectables are playing - starting 8pm. As you can see from the poster I've attached for your convenience they are playing with Mayfield and The Antique who I'm looking forward to seeing ^_^


I would forget my head if it wasn't for my eyes showing me were I can walk!

Saw Death Proof by Tarantino at the Coburg drive-in last week. It was cool. I did watch it from the back seat of the car coz the front two were taken - I suggest you take lawn chairs so the back ppl can sit outside in front of the car to watch a movie there. My neck was in pain by the end.

My understanding is that this is meant to be seen at the drive-in back to back with Planet Terror by Rodiguez. The rest of the cool stuff about these movies, like how it was filmed to look old skool, you can find out your self on the net.

02 November, 2007

Like Bears Video Clip - BE IN IT!

The band Like Bears are making a video clip. You can be in it. I'm gonna be in it. Your friends should be in it!

This is what Rusty (the lead singer) had to say to the masses today "Come along and be a part of it. we've got a proper director but need stacks of extras. Come and be the magic! Should be a hoot. From 9 am and Quarries Park Clifton Hill. Just come dressed like normal - would love to see you there!"

Check out the map and I'll see you there.

01 November, 2007

Boomtown Showdown-update

Melbourne - this Sat. More than on that other poster down below.


Last night I went and saw a preview screening for Delirious starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt and that other chick... Alison Lohman. It was a great movie, much better than I was expecting from a movie set around Steve Buscemi's character being a paparazzi who's trying to make it and a homeless kid that wants to be an actor. The story line captures you for the whole thing and nothing seems too unreal. Michael Pitt's character, Toby, is exceptionally understanding and wise for his age and surprising less bitter than one might expect but that's all part of his charm. He is an exceptionally loving character.
Check it out, in my opinion it is more than worth the price of seeing it at the movies.

31 October, 2007

Boomtown Showdown

Boomtown records are having a showdown!
Bands are:The Gataway Plan, In Fiction, Amity, Elora Danan. So many shows, so many places. I'm in Melbourne so to the Espy I go - woot!

30 October, 2007

Scar Tissue

I just finished reading Scar Tissue.
The autobiography of Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He had some help too, a guy named Larry Sloman helped to put it all together; doing interviews and that sort of thing.

When I said "just" I mean about a week ago - that's not to say I didn't love it - I did. I now understand why after almost three years it is still full price at bookshops.

While reading it I felt like I was sitting and having a discussion with Anthony. The style is so relaxed and flowing. I certainly found it hard to put down.

When speaking to others they said they found the end a little slow but to me I felt like I was there with Anthony and that I truly believed that he wouldn't re-lapse and I sincerely hope that never does happen again.

The book reminded me of Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, also an incredible book.

If you're looking for a new book - get Scar Tissue you wont regret it.

25 October, 2007

T#3 Launch Party

T-shirt journal T is having a launch party for Issue 3. Its set to be sweet - partying away high above Melbourne at the Rooftop this Saturday.

Saturday is predicted by those weather ppl to be 31!
Watching the sun set with t-shirt enthusiasts will be something to talk about Monday at the water cooler - there will be other things going on too; tunes, fashion shows, a movie.

Beginning at 4pm with Beer and snags why would you miss it? Check out the flier - perhaps I'll see you there ;)

And just so you know there is only 150 allowed into this thing....don't miss out.

23 October, 2007


On my way to work this morning I saw a lady pull out a weird looking phone - it was similar to the old n-Gage. As I watched her nav through its menus it occurred to me that we are continually learning new technologies and half the time we probably don't even notice that we are taking a few more steps to relying on it for so many functions.
(Yes - its not a completely original thought, the Japanese have taken it many steps forward - I do love Ghost in the Shell.)
As the train slowly swayed and rolled closer to my destination I started to make a quick list of the different tech devices that I've had to learn over the years.
Phone was, obviously, the first one to come to mind. Personally I like to change models and phone makers when getting a new phone, this usually means then that I need to learn a whole new OS from the last. The challenger of naving it part of the thrill of getting a new phone, along with the sweet 'extra' functions it can preform.
The second was the ticketing systems for public transport. It used to be everyday, now its at least only once a week, I see elderly people trying to understand and conform to the new ticket purchasing machines. In Melbourne the ticketing system hasn't changed that many times in too many years but it is always interesting to watch those that don't travel to the city every single day try and work it out. Again its just another process, mainly run through tech devices, that I never really stop to think about as I board and disembark from the train everyday.
Its not hard to think of more but its still early and the one coffee I've had so far wasn't up to scratch.
ohh... and computers - switching between PC's and Mac's - that's always fun. You just know that both have changed the OS some much so that its nothing like what it was last time you used one. Always fun :)

18 October, 2007

Shiny Space Junk

The First Solo show by Jagi and its happening at the Paper Shadow Gallery (34 Franklin St, Melb) tomorrow night (Friday 19). Starting at 6pm till whenever we get kicked out I guess :P
His style is very cool and has been described as 'pop-fantasy art, taking inspiration from manga, retro videogames, art nouveau and surrealism'. My kinda stuff :)
Below is Shiny Space Junk and Level 14 Warrior Pimp (if you click on them they go big)
Come and enjoy.

16 October, 2007

Monkey Ninjas

As everyone knows the greatest thing in the whole wide world is Monkey Ninja's. There is no doubt about it - they are the coolest.
You can imagine my pure glee when I found Carl & Phil.

12 October, 2007

Paper Toy

It's raining here. Outside has a thin film over everything. We haven't been getting much rain this year and who knows when we'll get the rain we truly need.
Rain makes me think I should be curled up on the couch, wrapped in my donna and either watching a movie or playing on my laptop but instead at here; at work.
For some time now I've been bored at work, yes I've mentioned this to my boss but nothing ever changes. I'm not meant to take on new work in-case there is a flood of my old work, which is always last minute should have been done yesterday type stuff. So in my down times I find other things to amuse me. My favourite is making paper toy ninja's. A while back Mr. Madson over at Little Gamers created it to entertain the masses coz he hadn't done a strip yet.
I think this paper toy is pure gold! I've got three sitting on my desk already made up and i just know that more will come - the file sits on my desktop ready for the boredom ^_^

10 October, 2007

Yok Bottle

The first piece of art I've ever paid for -I think it may become an addition...
I bought The Yok Bottle.
The Yok is the artist - street art mostly, that's how I know his work anyway.
The Bottle - thick playwood/MBF in the shape of a bottle.
The Yok then did his arty thing on this bottle. Other artist did it to other bottles (I think they had two different shaped bottles) and they were all sold at a launch party for a magazine.
It is now hung on my wall for everyone to see its ultra coolness. I was over the moon when I bought it, mostly because I'd been wanting to buy something of his for quite some time but every time I saw his work for sale it was either already sold or something I just wasn't that into. This time I made sure I got to the party early so I could see it before too many masses arrived and decide if it was for me - it was and is!
For some reason, and I think its the mustache, it makes me think that if Mario ate the wrong mushroom this is what he'd end up looking like - a tree. hehee I LOVE IT!
Thanks Yok!

03 October, 2007

new project...

well I got nothing today. I'm working on a new side project which will hopefully take flight soon. I'm very excited about it. I'll let you know more about it once everything is sorted.
Till then I've finally got around to adding some links to site I visit on a pretty regular basis. You may be familiar with some or most of them already but if not; enjoy :)

01 October, 2007

The Collectables

Come see some great bands 4 OCt. Rob Roy, doors open at 8pm. You know you've nothing better to do so why not come out and drink till your eyes pop out of your head!

28 September, 2007

Tribute for Mick

Yes, I know its late notice but I just kept forgetting to put this up.
Four bands - the Tote - tonight - 8 bucks entry.

Mister Coffee - I actually thought had dissolved... shows how much I know. I used to see them when they played with 99% Fat... back in the day, heheee 'back in the day' i make myself laugh!

If you can swing it; check it out!

26 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 3

may angels meet you there
in this circle of night
drinking the air
may angels meet you there

25 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 2

you ask and I give
I ask and what?
where are you; listen to me?
my soul is twisting and aching
you're killing me from inside
when will you hear me
when will you love me?

this is the world i live
your eyes
your smell

you're eating my soul

21 September, 2007

something dragged up from yester years - 1

there are so many words
i can't get through them all
where do you find the time, the energy, the passion

i'm slowly being drained
all i see are numbers in this rat race of hate

you stole my colour and replaced it with nothing
i'm lying here a shell...

...days have gone past

14 September, 2007

Crazy UK peeps

Chatting with a buddy that moved to the UK about three months ago.

amiriche: where are you?
amiriche: sitting on some pebble beach on a banana lounge dressed in your winter woolens while the rest of the UK is stark naked in the sun?
calamity_cow: i'm at work.... they took all the fun internet stuff like facebook away from us..... but they left mensenger.....
calamity_cow: Can you say stoooooopid!!!
amiriche: STOOOOPID!
calamity_cow: Seriously what do they think they are achieving!
amiriche: heheee lower productivity
calamity_cow: I wasn't even using this before they took the stuff away from us and now i waste more time on this thing.....
calamity_cow: Your a classic :D
calamity_cow: People totally get naked as soon as the sun comes out
calamity_cow: they are nuts!
calamity_cow: Its like a stampede to get out of the house when the sun breaks the clouds on the weekend!
amiriche: coz everyone that uses facebook didn't read the article/s that the news broadcasters have been flooding the market with saying how much money it is costing employees
amiriche: oh did anyone think to mention how much money its saving them tho
amiriche: how much more time is going to be spent by employees to try and find new forms of entertainment to help keep them in their crappy jobs?!
amiriche: I ask you Calamity, I ask you?!
amiriche: ... well, not you, you Calamity, you. But you in the general human being form...
calamity_cow: I hear you sister!
calamity_cow: I'm a wikipedia addict now..... i spend hours reading about greek gods and pie.

12 September, 2007

The colour of munny

Yet another exciting bit of 'art culture' happening in Melbourne. We really are the cultural capital, or whatever it is they call us... cultural hub, artist haven.... I've no idea but its something wanky I'm sure of it.

11 September, 2007

Jose Parla

Jose Parla. His work is an amazing mixed of not only textures and materials but of ideas and expression. He creates pieces after walking through cities and absorbing their atmosphere, their vibe, spirit and soul.
He says "
My work is inspired by the anonymous art found in the streets. The art is often in the form of calligraphy or the actions of torn and stripped posters. The inscriptions in my work are used as a form of drawing, and to maintain a record of my observations."
How I would love to watch him work in person. One day perhaps.

06 September, 2007

Good Omens

As I just turn the last page, no more than five minutes ago, all I could say (out loud to myself as I stood at my front door unable to stop reading and open it) was "wow that WAS a really good book!"
I had already come to this conclution even before I started reading - the authors gave that away. But as you're traveling around the city - I mostly just read on public transport - and stranger comment on how cool the book is that you're reading, expectations rise, just a little with each person - mine where pretty high by two-thirds through.
Yeah, it's an old book but I've read other old books and the only those ones strangers have commented on have been William Gibson's; sometimes comics and 'graphic novels' too. One average it's once every six months. Not twice in three weeks!

I ramble.... that is the point of a blog though so I shouldn't mind but I've got a gig to get too.
Read the book - its cool - lots agree with me ^_^

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - 1990.

Doze Green

You'll probably recognise his work. Its pretty popular.
I'm not so great with words so check out the show at the Paper Shadow Gallery, opening Friday 7 Sep at 6pm. 34 Franklin St. Then you can describe his stuff and style in good words :)
It's part of a whole big thing... check that out too

05 September, 2007


This Thursday Antiskeptic are playing along with Pillar and Switchfoot. Can you guess who's headlining? Still it should be enjoyable. If you're in the Melbourne area stop by - I'm guessing that tickets haven't sold out.

12 August, 2007

kept close

all the really important things are kept close... really close. If fact they are kept on the 'other' side of my queen bed so if i wake in the night anything i may want is close to hand - excellent.
so what's there?
-Risk: the game of global domination.
-King Brown Mag's
-Yen Mag's
-Monster Children Mag's
-Books borrowed from the library
-Fashion Trend Australia
-Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition guide
-PSP and headphones
-Pump bottle of vodka
-Eraser (pencil is probably around somewhere too)
-Alarm clock
-Bravehearts: Men in skirts by Andrew Bolton

no doubt all these things will slowly make it to my desk and then - a drawer or box, wherever it is that all the other things I've loved at one point have gone.

06 August, 2007


Gran will have been dead for a week tomorrow night at dinner (6.30pm). Its hard to believe that a week has past. So much has happened since then - the biggest thing being that I was on a plane to Brisbane the morning after the funeral. As we took off and I sat there by myself I couldn't help but cry. I'd been fighting back tears virtually from the moment I was told 'Gran's gone'. There were few moment, at a friends house and at work, were I didn't cry.

Gran lived with my parents for two and a half years but now she's not here its like she's still just at her house. She was 97. In my time I can recall more than once when we thought she was going to die but she never did. It just doesn't seem real that this time she just didn't want to fight.

Her room has been cleaned out now, new bedding and some other new things meant that it was ready for a new international student to come and live with us four days after her death.

It has been an exceptionally long few weeks.
I'll post an image of her later. We've got a great one of her smoking a hooka!

01 August, 2007

new book

Picked up this fantastic book while in Brisbane for the weekend. Bravehearts: Men in Skirts by Andrew Bolton.

28 July, 2007

24th July 2007

My grandmother died; July 24, 2007
She lived at home with my parents and I. She was old, real old; 97 years old in fact. Like many old people something inside her decided that she had had enough and she died.
She stopped eating and refused to eat (except, like a true diabetic she would have a spoon full of ice-cream).

Gran had a petite frame when she was in her 20's and 40's and she was even smaller in her 80's and 90's but when she started to refuse to eat she shrank away even further. There are many things that I could say about her but none of those things matter anymore - you'll never meet her - the memories I have can't really be compressed into a blog post. And on some level they shouldn't.

What I am willing to tell you? Just a little about the few days after her death.

A trip up to Brisbane had been booked by my older sister, her husband and myself for the 30th birthday of my cousin. We were all going paint balling; it was going to be amazing! When Gran died Mum and Dad felt that the three of us should still head to Brisbane for the three days we had planned. That it would be good for us. Because if anything Gran wouldn't want us to be just sitting around doing nothing (one of her many catch phrases).
So we went.
I was on a different flight to the other two and so I flew into Brisbane two hours prior to them. Which really meant that I was waiting four hours to meet up with them when you include the waiting time at the Melbourne end too. Thankfully the two hours waiting time in Melbourne passed quickly as I had a 6am coffee and croissant and Mum waiting with me.
The two hours in Brisbane didn't pass that quickly at all. Sitting on a plane by yourself after someone has just died... well I don't recommend it (though large headphones so no-one talks to you helps tremendously).
In that time, while having no-one to talk to and not wishing to speak with a stranger, I did pull out a sketch book. Something I had only picked up by chance on my way out the door at 5am that morning.

I didn't know what I was sketching. But slowly my page started to resemble something more than just lines.
It was me. With a single tear rolling down my cheek. It was me.

By the time my older sister and her husband had arrived I had finished the sketch. I had also decided that I knew exactly HOW I would grieve the lose of Gran's life.
I would get a sticker made. And I would put that sticker ALL over Melbourne! And most likely any other city/country I go.

19 July, 2007


with the recent addition to a friends family, i decided that a present was in order. i love giving presents but this time its for a real reason!
my thought - a hippo! hippo's are cool, everyone loves a hippo. But you know what? Hardly anyone makes hippo soft toys! why?!
after spending the last 30 mins looking at every possible kids soft toy website I've got nothing! I wouldn't normally care, to get worked up about a hippo seems a little ludicrous but now I just need a hippo. it's in me now. i wont be happy till i get a hippo! I couldn't care if the child pucks all over it and it has to be thrown out the next day - i just need a hipp; it's become a challenge.

17 July, 2007

drinks and street art

spent some good times with an old friend over the weekend. i never get to see her that much anymore; she's married so its hard. We hang out at Kent St on Smith St - they serve mulled wine, nice! They also have a really chilled out atmosphere, video feed of the street outside and some tasty beets to bring it all together.
After a while it was time to amble down the road for some grub but instead walked into Hogan Gallery. They had the 'Back Up' show on display, very cool. The weird part was that we'd been talking for a large chunk of the evening about street art and graffiti - if it wasn't for the knowledge that we were going to another gallery the next day for the express purpose of buying some works, I think we would have bought a couple then and there - very impressive.
You can check out some of the works that we saw on display over at everfresh studio.

If your bored, and can get Smith St, check out the show its up for another two weeks - I think.

snow jacket

i bought a new snow jacket last week. it's pretty sweet. you can see from the spec's that it should be good not only for snow action but also for some UK, Irland adventuring. Now all I have to do is learn how to board...

16 July, 2007

it begins...

i never thought this would happen. to become one of the masses that blogs... so many jokes made - the best was done by O of Commissioned comic (i'll find the comic and let you know what number it is. let's get back on track though. what am i gonna blog about? hmmm i guess the same thing as everyone else - the things i like the stuff i'm into; that sounds like as good a place as any. then hopefully, if i actually continue with this, it will envolve into something... decent.
lets see.