28 November, 2007

Graffiti battle

The biggest urban art competition worldwide.
Melbourne. Luna Park. Graffiti battle.
This is serious. And I'm SO excited!
Believe me when I say that if I end up asking a million questions and someone answers you will soon see a "Amiriche and the graff dude chat" blog spot here.... I can only wish.

This is what Write4Gold say about it:

The Contest

Write4Gold started in 2002 and since June 2003 about 70 events have occurred world wide! Write4Gold takes place for the first time in Australia 08th of december 2007 at Shakespeare Grove Carpark, St Kilda. Write4Gold has been in all over Europe and the USA, New Zealand, South Africa or Russia. Write4Gold is determined to expose the world to this word “Graffiti” and "Aerosol Art" and demand that it be accepted in the dictionary. One of the main operations of Write4Gold is organizing international graffiti competitions. Write4Gold has chapter representatives in each country. Each chapter conduct's their own country’s competition, produce one champion and then each champion from every country is invited to the european and world finals to Germany. The originators of and only categorical worldcompetition in (the basic fundamentals of graffiti), "Concept Painting", "Tagging","Sketching" and "Throwups" categories, will also climax in the Category Finals.

Write4Gold Mission

Every year we try to feature the best and most innovative graffiti crews from all over the world, include the eastern europe countries like romania, bulgaria, hungary, slovakia or russia. One of our goals is to make this event as international as possible. Write4Gold is a platform for graffiti writers in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves. Since 2002 we try to support young and motivated people willing to take part in the planning and implementation process of Write4Gold.

Critical Points

While reading the philosophy section you might get an idea that of course we still support the culture, especially the graffiti aspect, trying to offer the writers and the audience as much service as possible - more than on many other graffiti events. To the public write4gold might look commercial because it is getting so big and of course it is no longer the kind of underground event like we know in the early days.

It's a free, all-ages, all-day public painting demonstration and concert, resembling a community fair more than a b-boy riot. The daytime event will be followed by a bodyrockin' ticketed after party, showcasing local hip-hop music, dance and art.

Well if you read all that you're doing well!

In any event I'm going! I don't care if I end up going by myself!

You can see why I just had to say something ASAP. Still I've got more to say later for now it time to head home.

night y'all

23 November, 2007

slack - i know

Yes I know I've been very slack this week. In my defense I've had quite a lot on. From simply just hanging with friends I haven't seen in ages to getting to a few last minute gigs. I know you'll forgive me.
I have an exam next week so the chances of a post or two in the build up to it a kinda small. Still I thought you guys may want to know what's happening.

  • Meggs exhibition - Utopian Slumps-5/25 Easey St Collingwood
  • Laura - HiFi bar on Swanston St
  • Laundry for some white boys can't dub thing
  • The Collectables - Barbukka Smith St, Fitzroy
Sunday.... I can't remember there is something happening Sunday evening but I really can't recall. sorry that's pretty poor of me.

I'm still looking for my camera battery charger but as soon as I've found it you can be sure pics of stuff will go up here :)

20 November, 2007

NYE Sapporo Japan

I'll be having NYE in Sapporo Japan and so far my internet scouring haven't produced anything! I'm a little confused. Do Japanese peeps not party at NYE? I figured everyone loved a party and any excuse would do but it seems - at this stage - I'm wrong.

To let you know HOW much I've started grasping at random ideas I tell you this in confidence.
I emailed a few different tattoo places, magazines from Japan plus a few different graffiti websites that only once mentioned any shoes happening in Japan. All in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will know somewhere fun to go and spend NYE 07/08.

19 November, 2007

I've been going to a few different things recently - some I've mentioned here others I haven't. But the one thing I've really wanted to do it put up some photo's of random things I've seen. But you know what?! As soon as I want to take a pic I can't find my camera charger! I've searched the whole place but alas it is no where to be found and to make matters worse my sister can't find her charger either, which means no stealing her camera for random pics. arrrg!

15 November, 2007

Wooden Toy thing

Well I've just returned from the Wooden Toy Issue five launch party. Good times.
I've just got to say that if you are in the city you should really go check out some of the work that is up in the Paper Shadow Gallery - its in the back of Miss Libertine on Franklin St. Amazing stuff from a collection of artists. One sketch I actually thought was a black and white photo of a guy in a mask; incredible.

Tonight was very random. Bumping into ppl you know is always odd but when stranger start coming up and start talking to you as well... you almost start wondering if they're only talking to you coz you seem so approachable coz there is food on your face - only an easy going person would still have food on their face at something like this, I'll talk to them. No idea.
Good times :)

14 November, 2007


meep meep

secret service, body guards, why?

Over the last couple of weeks I've been watching Heroes on DVD. Tonight while out having a late night coffee and wine with my sister we saw what appeared to be secret service people. Men dressed in suits, ear pieces and a lapel pin (not sure it was of but they all had the exact same pin - the paranoid me says it was an Australian flag the less paranoid me says it was just a company pin).
My sister watched them with growing curiosity as some of these men sat at a table next to us drinking coffee, with one eye looking across the street to the other three men in suits waiting outside a restaurant, occasionally one member of the table would intently listen to his ear piece then get up, walk out of the cafe and go talk to the others outside the restaurant.
Who was in there? Why did they need the 6-8 security people? Where they really that important?
Sadly for my sister, as this person being so tightly protected left the building, she missed her opportunity at a brief glance of them. We were to busy laughing about words we couldn't previously spell but now can, at this point we were discussing the word congratulations (its always been a 't' not a 'd'), and they slipped away.

12 November, 2007

Bored early one morning

So what do I do? Grab a camera and head out to get some pics of graffiti in my area. They make a great screen saver.

07 November, 2007

Bonsai & Little Gamers

Isn't it a cool shirt? Pick it up over at Life Lounge. I think you still get a free 22 Flavour shirt with it too.

Little Gamers is also doing a shirt sale thing atm. 3 different designs 50 of each to be sold. As 50 of each is reached the next one goes up for sale till there is none left.
A great idea - it will make my shirt all the more special to me ^_^

06 November, 2007

And the winner is...

Taking the Melbourne Cup from the outside.
Purple Moon second and Mahler third.

I won nothing... for another year.

05 November, 2007

Butterfingers tonight - The Collectables Wednesday.

Tonight down at the corner Butterfingers is playing. $20 for tix. Can't remember when it starts just know it does ;)

And this Wednesday at the Espy The Collectables are playing - starting 8pm. As you can see from the poster I've attached for your convenience they are playing with Mayfield and The Antique who I'm looking forward to seeing ^_^


I would forget my head if it wasn't for my eyes showing me were I can walk!

Saw Death Proof by Tarantino at the Coburg drive-in last week. It was cool. I did watch it from the back seat of the car coz the front two were taken - I suggest you take lawn chairs so the back ppl can sit outside in front of the car to watch a movie there. My neck was in pain by the end.

My understanding is that this is meant to be seen at the drive-in back to back with Planet Terror by Rodiguez. The rest of the cool stuff about these movies, like how it was filmed to look old skool, you can find out your self on the net.

02 November, 2007

Like Bears Video Clip - BE IN IT!

The band Like Bears are making a video clip. You can be in it. I'm gonna be in it. Your friends should be in it!

This is what Rusty (the lead singer) had to say to the masses today "Come along and be a part of it. we've got a proper director but need stacks of extras. Come and be the magic! Should be a hoot. From 9 am and Quarries Park Clifton Hill. Just come dressed like normal - would love to see you there!"

Check out the map and I'll see you there.

01 November, 2007

Boomtown Showdown-update

Melbourne - this Sat. More than on that other poster down below.


Last night I went and saw a preview screening for Delirious starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt and that other chick... Alison Lohman. It was a great movie, much better than I was expecting from a movie set around Steve Buscemi's character being a paparazzi who's trying to make it and a homeless kid that wants to be an actor. The story line captures you for the whole thing and nothing seems too unreal. Michael Pitt's character, Toby, is exceptionally understanding and wise for his age and surprising less bitter than one might expect but that's all part of his charm. He is an exceptionally loving character.
Check it out, in my opinion it is more than worth the price of seeing it at the movies.