10 November, 2008

WhaT's next?

Normally I like to keep myself pretty busy, either with work, friends and usually some form of education. But two weeks ago I finished the bible college class I was taking at nights (it was really interesting and very eye opening). Most of my friends live on the west of town these days and as much as I'd love to move to live closer to them all I just don't have the cash.
But here is the dilemma. What am I going to do with my spare time till mid next year when I'll pick up another bible college subject? It may not be heaps and heaps of spare time but there will be some.
Sure there will be snow in Japan in Feb (again if I can afford to go) and Christmas, New Years and my birthday are in there.
And there is always hanging out with friends.
And I can always work. But these are thing will happen anyway.
I need something new.
For those of you that know me outside of this internet box you'll know that I've recently taken up skateboarding as a way of keeping up to speed for snowboarding but still....

I feel boredom approaching and I really don't like it.
Sure new friends take a bit of time to brake-in so that will keep me amused for a little while but after that....

... I guess I'll just have to have more parties. That should keep me amused for a bit. Yes. Parties. That's what I'll do.


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