14 September, 2011

No. 9 - Girls Group

I'm grateful for Girls Group.

Girls Group is a collection of girls from Newport church.
We meet together once a week to:

  • change the world through our prayers(!!)
  • catchup with each other and what has been happening in our lives
  • eat dinner together
  • listen to the wisdom of older woman every few weeks (hear the stories of their lives and how the Lord has impacted them and their families)
Really we all meet together and love each other through the tough times and the not so tough times. 

In many ways this falls under being grateful for friends but at the same time it's different. 
I'm grateful that all of us are committed to praying together, to each other and the group. Coming every week, sharing and being vulnerable about what is happening in our hearts and lives allows us to all grow closer to each other, encouraging and allowing us love each other like Jesus loves us. 

Having this specific time separated out from the rest of life's busyness I treasure

It means that when the rest of life does go crazy, and even finding the time to send a text seems like a mammoth task (to be tick off the list) that's when Girls Group really comes alive. It is in these times that Girls Group becomes part of the life giving water that Jesus offered the lady at the well
I almost feel that being grateful isn't enough - the dictionary would know a stronger word to describe how much of a blessing Girls Group and all the girls in it really are to me. But sadly I'm not a dictionary. 


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