14 September, 2007

Crazy UK peeps

Chatting with a buddy that moved to the UK about three months ago.

amiriche: where are you?
amiriche: sitting on some pebble beach on a banana lounge dressed in your winter woolens while the rest of the UK is stark naked in the sun?
calamity_cow: i'm at work.... they took all the fun internet stuff like facebook away from us..... but they left mensenger.....
calamity_cow: Can you say stoooooopid!!!
amiriche: STOOOOPID!
calamity_cow: Seriously what do they think they are achieving!
amiriche: heheee lower productivity
calamity_cow: I wasn't even using this before they took the stuff away from us and now i waste more time on this thing.....
calamity_cow: Your a classic :D
calamity_cow: People totally get naked as soon as the sun comes out
calamity_cow: they are nuts!
calamity_cow: Its like a stampede to get out of the house when the sun breaks the clouds on the weekend!
amiriche: coz everyone that uses facebook didn't read the article/s that the news broadcasters have been flooding the market with saying how much money it is costing employees
amiriche: oh did anyone think to mention how much money its saving them tho
amiriche: how much more time is going to be spent by employees to try and find new forms of entertainment to help keep them in their crappy jobs?!
amiriche: I ask you Calamity, I ask you?!
amiriche: ... well, not you, you Calamity, you. But you in the general human being form...
calamity_cow: I hear you sister!
calamity_cow: I'm a wikipedia addict now..... i spend hours reading about greek gods and pie.


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