14 April, 2008

L.A.M.B. Shoes

Ok, so, L.A.M.B. started ages ago and is the brain child of Gwen Stefani - we all know that. But what I would like to know is how often do the designs for L.A.M.B. shoes get updated? And do they ever go on sale? Here in auzzie-land you can get them through the Elastics website but were can I try them on. The other thing is that half the designs look pretty normal just with a little lambie on the side - where is the stuff that is different? Where is that crazy out there style that made her a fashion player to start with? Just makes me think its run by some boring guy in a pair of old jeans and grubby t and how probably hasn't spoken to anyone in a long time. I did find some that were interesting in the end though; you just know good looking people wear these shoes. First up for the ladies the Chartres II. Next for all you super clean guys we got the white Miehana's. And lastly coz Stefani has kids she cares about the kids and you really can't have a family without having matching footwear.


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