15 April, 2008

Today is my birthday

I'm 26 now. I feel the same but I've been thinking more on how little I've actually achieved in these 26 years still I've enjoyed it.
I've received a few phone calls, got a few emails, got a kiss from my mum this morning and will be heading out to dinner with the family tonight. Present wise its been pretty quite but I really don't want or need anything so that doesn't bother me - I'd much rather friends use there money on something worth while than something I potentially wont even like. So if you were planning on sending me a present how about you buy a goat or pig or chicken from World Vision. That'll be a much better present and you just know whoever receives it will be far more appreciative of a chicken than me. Ducks are different though - I'd love a pet duck.
I thought maybe I'd share an email I got from one of my friends. We haven't been friends for years and years or anything, in fact it probably hasn't even been one year yet, but here is a snippet of her kind words to me on this day - my birthday.

"I feel now is a good time to say I'm so glad I know you. Its been so much fun hanging out, going to a metal gig, bike rides, having 'special lattes', drinks, getting to know you, having you there to bounce ideas off and keep me focussed and calm, and introducing me to all these cool new things.

I admire your loyalty, unwavering faith, inventiveness, creativity, originality, and gumption.

So thanks for your friendship and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.
Can't wait for Robot on Thursday. :)

With much love my friend, Joce

PS. Oh, and thanks for still hanging out with me even though I've never played Mario :-D"

Below is a funny pic I found while roaming the internets..... its from Eclectech look at his face; too funny.


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