23 May, 2008

Being sick sucks

I don't know how you feel about being sick but I can't stand it. I'm all for sleeping in and not doing much sometimes but when your stuck in bed couching, sleeping drenched in sweat and with your whole body sore and aching - its horrible.
But finally after way too long I'm back - not a 100% get but ready to kick out some posts and checking out gigs and exhibitions, public lectures and whatever else takes my fancy.

This morning I received a email from those helpful ppl over at FasterLouder telling me a little more about the new laws regarding a lockout or curfew for the city. 2am. 2am is when you need to be in a club, bar, pub or whatever because if you walk out to get some cash from the ATM across the road at 2:10am you wont be getting back in - that's it, night over.
Of course there is an exception to the rule. And guess what it is? Yeah - it is the place where you can destroy your whole life and that of your family, the place where children have died, the place that encourages you to gamble every last cent you have while knowing that the house always wins. You guessed it Crown Casino. Because hey, the government is fine with letting people walk in and drink, smoke and gamble it all away at any time.

But you've heard enough from me. Read this properly write article.


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