01 May, 2008

The Collectables tonight + a gallery thing

The Collectables are playing tonight! I did know this and I've known for a little while but sometimes things just slip my mind - my apologies.
It wasn't till I checked my iCal (Mac calendar if you needed to know) that I realised I am very busy tonight.
Their is the Dreaming Machine Gallery exhibition opening at 6pm, which has so many different Melbourne artists involved I'm not going to even type them all out (check the poster below inside). And then we got The Collectables playing at the Brunswick Hotel with the supporting act on at 9:30 and The Collectables on at 10:30! Somewhere in there I'm going to have to find some food too... hopefully the gallery thing will have some canapes floating around and I can just fill up on those - now there's a thought.


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