21 July, 2010

Makes you question.

My role and place on the internet is something I have contemplated on and off for many years.

How much information about myself should I share, free for anyone to read, watch, see?
At what point do I simply become an internet whore? (If I'm not already...?)
Though I enjoying writing and drawing in notebooks do I really want people (and even friends) do know as much about me through Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, Last.FM, and all the other sites I'm on ? Is there still any mystery around who I am when you take away all these profiles? Yes. I know the answer is yes because it is my that decides what goes on these sites, it is me that is the brand manager and strategist for.... me.
(insert long rant about internet, people, suicide rate, depression rate, privacy, etc.)

Either way. I am here. On the internet whoring my soul out to anyone that will give me attention - nah, I'm not really that bad at all.
One day I'll write a book - one of those ones with pages made out of crushed up trees, till then...

BUT The Social Network is indeed a movie I'll be watching; they are going to make millions with this flick!


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