09 August, 2010

New Job

This morning there was excitement as I left my house; I've a new job!

Technically I started last week but that was mostly just getting a vague run down of things. Today was the day I'd get to start doing some new work, some exciting work. Opening the front office door I noticed that my new boss wasn't in yet but that was ok. I got a coffee, booted up my computer and generally got ready to tackle the new and unknown tasks this day would hold.
9am came and went - still no new boss. 9:30am still no new boss.
Turns out my new boss had decided to work from home today and forgot to mention it to anyone in our office.

*sigh* I had such high hope for this new job.

Still, I'm staying optimistic.
Tomorrow things will look better.
Tomorrow I will get to tackle new and exciting challenges.
Tomorrow is when my new job must be going to begin.


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