28 November, 2010

Do you play poker?

Every year I host a Girls Only Poker night.

I bring in a dealer. We go through the rules and the basic 'how to play', play some practice hands for half an hour while everyone asks questions of the dealer and I always have print-outs referencing what each of the hands are and where they rank in importance.
I organise wine, champagne, scotch whiskey, cigars, cheese and biscuits, etc.

It's a night giving friends an opportunity to play a game that they probably haven't had much of a chance to play (if at all). Many of my friends have partners that play (some playing regularly). But males and females play poker differently. I like playing poker and my sister and I learned from our Dad when we were little. But playing with boys isn't always as much fun as playing with girls.

Males take the game very seriously from the start; they are inherently competitive. Using tactics that feel like bullying (which is a big part of the game and they love). They are constantly striving to win the pot.

Females on the other hand are generally less serious. We become more serious as each starts to become comfortable with their ability in determining the hands needed to win and have started to win a few hands (positive reinforcement!). They are more likely to be involved with 'catching-up' while playing the game at the same time. And less likely to remember (or care that) there is money on the line.

Girls only poker nights are great fun. Everyone walks away with a smile and usually whoever walks away with the pot is super excited at all the 'free' coffee she will be able to buy.
Sure we are professionals and we don't play with amazing tactics (usually what we've learnt that night) but its great to be able to play the game that many of us listen to partners talk so much about.

If you've never played poker. Find some friends and one friend that knows how who can deal for you and have some fun learning something new!


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