26 July, 2012

Love Me

"Love Me" by Curtis Kulig
Do you have artwork that is yet to be hung or framed? I do.

Artwork can help make a place feel like home quickly. It gives the allusion that the person is truly settled in. Once the artwork is hung it's as though a house sigh's, smiles and welcome's you home each day as you walk in the door - even if all the boxes aren't unpacked - at least in my mind.

Though I hold these romantic ideals, in reality after five years my Yok bottle is still only resting against a wall, and a Curtis Kulig print I purchased in 2010 entitled "Love Me" still hasn't been framed. 

My procrastination has been hiding behind this transient notion that "one day soon, I'll move".
But enough is enough; it's time to frame Curtis Kulig!

Do you have artwork that is hidden away, waiting for the right time to see the light of day? Tell me about it in the comments.


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