30 August, 2011

No. 1 - Jesus

My mind and I have been fighting quite a bit recently.

My mind is hell bent on focusing on all the negative things, the horrible things that happen to people and the things that I don't have.
I, on the other hand want to focus on the positive things, the incredibly wonderful things that happen to people and the things that I do have. The sweet, cute and nice things in the world - the things that make you smile.

So here I am, today making a choice. To stop for just a second of each day for the next 21 days and writing down one simple thing that I am grateful for. By blogging it I feel like I'm putting a stronger voice to my own voice, over my mind's voice.

Don't you agree that sometimes the thoughts in our heads becoming overwhelming?

Writing down the things I'm grateful for wont change anything on 'My List of Things to Consider Changing' but at the same time jumping the gun to change things could be quite disastrous if done out of turn too. There is a time for everything.

No. 1

The saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Sure you can't see Him or touch Him but through the Holy Spirit he lives in my heart. I can pray and be renewed by His love for me, and I feel that in my soul, in the very core of my being. For before I was formed He knew me and the plans that He has for me are ones to prosper and not harm me!

1 comment:

  1. I totally know that feeling, the battle in your own mind is very challenging. Good on you for taking some action to change your mindset.

    I hope the 21 days prove to be very encouraging for you!