06 December, 2011

No 20 - Freedom to dream

Looking out the window of the plane as I fly into Bruni I had a couple of thoughts.

Who do you call if you want to build an airport? Are there forms and paperwork that need to be completed first? Do you need permission from someone/some global authority?

I should find out.

Because, you know, one day I might want to have my own country like the Sultan of Bruni. I could. And I'll want people to visit. Hence, an airport. It's really quite logical.

But as I sit here in the airport listening to other travelers conversations I can't help but be grateful. At 29 and 7 months old I still dream like I child. But more than that I'm grateful that I was always encouraged and given the freedom to dream.

If you've got children don't squash their dreams let them dream anything is possible!

And, who knows, with a little hard work and determination they could make that dream a reality.
I could even have my own country one day.... but who do I call about building an airport?! A state of the art, fancy airport that people are happy to be in?


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