18 December, 2007

where has amiriche gone?

In the build up to Christmas things have been a little crazy. I've been completely run down and haven't had the strength to do much at all.
I'm heading to Japan for two weeks to do some snowboarding, which I'm sure I'll get really excited about soon. At this point I know I'm going to miss my family and friends and it brings me down a few notches. I've had my birthday in a few different countries already so that's no big deal but this... going to Japan where they don't really celebrate Christmas, will be hard.
There wont be any waking up early so I can call my sister and get her and her husband to hurry up and get to my parents so we can open presents under the big Christmas tree(yes, I'm still a child). There wont be any going to church, singing Christmas carols and seeing old friends.
There wont be any big Christmas lunch with strange family members and friends that don't have any family in the state or country. There wont be any lying around the back room of our house in the sun doozing. No custard. No setting things on fire. No funny comments from family member that reference years ago. No afternoon movie with my younger sister at the Jam. No meeting up with friends for dancing and drinks. Just snow. Lots of white snow. One friend I haven't seen in four years and a bed on the floor.
This trip will be what I make of it.
I will post pics on my return. Till then I will post maybe once or twice more before I leave.

God Bless you all during this Christmas period and I pray you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.


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