07 February, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

I only found out about the January Photo A Day Challenge half way through January. When I saw there was to be a February challenge I was excited and ready to start snapping photos on my iPhone!

We're only up to Day 7 (Button) which I still haven't done yet though I think it will be a traffic light button because cars, bikes and traffic lights are amazing! You might laugh at me saying that but what I've been enjoying most about these challenges is it forces me to stop and really look at my surroundings. 
As each day passes I want to take a great photo; looking at strangers (Day 4), the different ways words appear (Day 2) and wondering how I can take great photo of these - an interesting photo. 

It really is helping me live more in the moment, to enjoy my surroundings more and to really appreciate the everyday. What comes back to me each day is that I am blessed, in everything I do and everything I see, as a daughter of the Most High I am blessed. The only photo I've missed so far was yesterday - Day 6 Dinner, unfortunately I was too busy eating it to remember to take a photo! Eating it and simply being thankful that I had something to eat for dinner and it was provided by a loving Father who makes the sun rise and our food grow.

Are you part of the February Photo A Day Challenge?