26 September, 2012

In sickness, Gossip Girl wins.

I can't concentrate and talking feels as difficult as running marathon without training. I can however watch disk after disk of Gossip Girl on DVD.

Saturday I hurt my back. It's on the mend now with the help of exercises, massage, a lot of rest and a physio. My sore throat, on the other hand is a little more stubborn. 

Gosspi Girl Session 2 and 3 are almost complete and if I still feel sick tomorrow after work, I'll stop and buy sessions 4, 5 and 6 to watch over the weekend.

I've now watched so much Gossip Girl back-to-back I even wondered what my 'drama obsessed friends' had been up to while I dragged myself to work for a few hours yesterday. Please don't judge me for wondering about fictional characters. You must have too, at some time too?

Who was it? Did you wondered about Joey, George, Tony, John Snow? Who? Please tell me in the comments below.

Right now though, I think Lily is in trouble (caught lying again!) and I should really make sure she's ok. Time to load the last disk of session 3!


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