23 November, 2007

slack - i know

Yes I know I've been very slack this week. In my defense I've had quite a lot on. From simply just hanging with friends I haven't seen in ages to getting to a few last minute gigs. I know you'll forgive me.
I have an exam next week so the chances of a post or two in the build up to it a kinda small. Still I thought you guys may want to know what's happening.

  • Meggs exhibition - Utopian Slumps-5/25 Easey St Collingwood
  • Laura - HiFi bar on Swanston St
  • Laundry for some white boys can't dub thing
  • The Collectables - Barbukka Smith St, Fitzroy
Sunday.... I can't remember there is something happening Sunday evening but I really can't recall. sorry that's pretty poor of me.

I'm still looking for my camera battery charger but as soon as I've found it you can be sure pics of stuff will go up here :)


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