14 November, 2007

secret service, body guards, why?

Over the last couple of weeks I've been watching Heroes on DVD. Tonight while out having a late night coffee and wine with my sister we saw what appeared to be secret service people. Men dressed in suits, ear pieces and a lapel pin (not sure it was of but they all had the exact same pin - the paranoid me says it was an Australian flag the less paranoid me says it was just a company pin).
My sister watched them with growing curiosity as some of these men sat at a table next to us drinking coffee, with one eye looking across the street to the other three men in suits waiting outside a restaurant, occasionally one member of the table would intently listen to his ear piece then get up, walk out of the cafe and go talk to the others outside the restaurant.
Who was in there? Why did they need the 6-8 security people? Where they really that important?
Sadly for my sister, as this person being so tightly protected left the building, she missed her opportunity at a brief glance of them. We were to busy laughing about words we couldn't previously spell but now can, at this point we were discussing the word congratulations (its always been a 't' not a 'd'), and they slipped away.


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