12 August, 2007

kept close

all the really important things are kept close... really close. If fact they are kept on the 'other' side of my queen bed so if i wake in the night anything i may want is close to hand - excellent.
so what's there?
-Risk: the game of global domination.
-King Brown Mag's
-Yen Mag's
-Monster Children Mag's
-Books borrowed from the library
-Fashion Trend Australia
-Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition guide
-PSP and headphones
-Pump bottle of vodka
-Eraser (pencil is probably around somewhere too)
-Alarm clock
-Bravehearts: Men in skirts by Andrew Bolton

no doubt all these things will slowly make it to my desk and then - a drawer or box, wherever it is that all the other things I've loved at one point have gone.


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