26 September, 2008

Birds of Tokyo my hack review

Gig out far. Far far from the city. Bogans. Hit on by 17 and 40 year olds - eew.
Fading Hour excellent but mixing bad for back of the venue - these guys are going places for sure.
Calling all Cars; the same as always - good but don't see them going further than being a great supporting band (loads of cash can always change that tho).
Birds of Tokyo Not bad as the headlining act they didn't have to work hard for the audience to get into it and they didn't (but it was there gig *shrugs* so that's far enough). Perhaps they thought the same thing as my friend and I when we rocked up "where on earth are we? we are leaving as SOON as we can" watching the ppl was interesting... random ass grabbing by both sexes! Most over 30 years old (never been to a gig with such an old audience).
As we walked in my friend turned to me looked me straight in the eyes and said "we're not in Cansis anymore Toto" too stunned by the crowd all I could do was node in agreeance.

There was one thing (other than the tunes themselves) that I appreciated. Wading back through the crowd after getting drinks I spot something off to the side - a t-shirt. I look at, yes it's what I think it is. Excitedly I dive to grab my friends attention and yell as loud as I can "there is a guy back there wearing a Penny Arcade t-shirt; that's cool" she turns and smiles at me and we start trying to move forward again but over the dull roar of the crowd I hear a very loud and clear "Thank you" coming from the direction of the t-shirt. I like to think webcomic geekiness was shared that night and a spark of hope flaring in that very moment.


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