23 June, 2009

Harry James Angus played at Bennett's Lane

These are non-sensical notes i made at some point either during or after the gig. hope you find something informative about the below. If not, dont stress just get this bit; go see Harry James Angus at some point in your life.

great storyteller

makes you laugh at the ordinary things of life. those songs that aren't blatantly funny have a warming sensation like warm comforting hug from a lover or good friend; secure and true.

conjures feelings of a personal interaction

his music is funny and witty. music for the more intellectual of gig goers.

there is a older audience, mostly ppl over 30 and with a large portion seeming over 50. perhaps this is partly due to his gig being part of the Melb International Jazz Festival. Whatever the reason the gig is sold out and a waiting list started.

When the band joins Harry for the second set we are told they had only rehearsed that afternoon for the gig. As they jam and feel the music. As they feel the road with their instruments in what has become a pure jamming section and Harry even forgets what verse of the song they are meant to be up to you can't help but not care if the song isn't finished the way it may be intended. At this stage you are simply happy to have been given this opportunity to a glimpse into Harry's mind and world.


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