08 September, 2010

Future watches are almost here

Mutewatch is a silent alarm in the shape of a vibrating wristband. This discreet device with its hidden touch screen brings structure and time back to its user. It serves as a quiet reminder that helps you follow your own agenda without disturbing people in your surroundings.

You may have seen my post last year about future watches and now it seems we are inches ever so slightly closer.

The most exciting thing about the Mutewatch is the prospect that it doesn't look like a watch. That is isn't loud.

At my work there is one particular man with a loud watch. So far, in the middle of important conversations I've had to stop and say "your watch is very loud. why is it so loud?" three times. He doesn't know why its loud, in fact he can hardly hear it. And to be quite frank from all the gigs I'v been to I probably should be able to hear it either. But I can and I don't like it.
But that is neither here nor there.


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