13 October, 2011

No. 16 - God IS good; prayer answered!

I'm OVER the MOON! With excitement and gratitude! 
Having you prayers answered time and again is wonderful! We don't always know how or when The Lord will answer our prayers but He always does. And when He answers a prayer you been praying for a long time - you can't help but beam and gush, feel all full of love, like your going to explode with His wonderful love!

It wasn't that long ago that I was praying for a friend; I'm sure others were too. I had been praying for her and her husband for quite sometime. A couple of years to be sure. 

We are not always privy to His plans or His ways; knowing what He will answer quickly or will stretch our faith. Be here we pray and our loving Father, the creator of the universe listens to every prayer. From prayers of request, acceptance, love, gratefulness and contemplation to prayers for healing, renewal and spiritual eyes to be opened to mention a few. He listens, He hears and He answers those of the righteous.

A couple of weeks ago I was ecstatic to discover that mine (and others) prayer was answered for my friend and her husband. An incredible miracle is happening right now, a beautiful baby will be born!!!! 

God IS good!
This is my nephew when he was a baby.


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