31 January, 2012

Sketchbook Project - Posted!

Three weeks are up! Pencils down, Sketchobooks closed! 

Today I posted AshLee and my sketchbooks to The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library. Safe in a plastic registered mail post bag they should arrive from Australia to the USA in about 10 days.

It feels good finishing this project and knowing that it will come back in November on exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria here in Melbourne for all you view! I feel like a real artist!

For AshLee it was different, he'd never even heard of The Sketchbook Project and so it become an awesome birthday present for him (I'm ok if you copy this idea, it is a great present for someone!). Where his theme was 'It's summer where you are', my theme was 'This is a sketchbook'.

Filling my sketchbook did continue to be a challenge. In my handbag it lived; for three weeks. 
Pulling it out as often as possible, yet last night my sketchbook still wasn't full. 
I had even been cheeky enough to take it into a work meeting so I could doodle a little more - hopefully no-one noticed. 

Heading to AshLee's office to pickup his sketchbook for posting back to Brooklyn last night I was relieved to discover that he wasn't quite finished either. 
At his desk we sat till late at night; him madly glueing bits together and me franticly sketching. You know what it reminded me of? High School!
Working on some assignment with a friend/s frantically trying to get it finished before the next morning when it was due. That was high school for me. Plodding along at my own pass most of the time until - BAMB! It's due the next day and I need to pull an all-nighter to get it over the line and finished. That's what it felt like last night. The only difference... high school finished 12 years ago! Ahh to be young again...

Did you often pull all-nighters at high school?


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