17 March, 2008

New toy-Lenore: the cute little dead girl

It wasn't meant to happen but somehow I was drawn in - forced to walk down those stairs that take me to the underworld that is Minotaur. And there, as I strolled around the store with no intention of purchasing, I saw it. A 8" Lenore vinyl figure - I needed it. I picked it up, looked at it from every angle possible; putting my face on the plastic window in the vain hope of being able to see slightly more of the back of this fantastic figurine.
I studied the figure trying to determine if it was possibly that this 8" toy would fit on my work desk. Could I have more toys on my desk? Should I buy it knowing that it wont ever make its way to my house for a very long time? I'm a loosing a battle to toys? I'm I loosing a grip on reality buy purchasing more and more? well the simple answer to that last one is that I lost reality a long time ago, which makes it easy to understand and reason that there was nothing wrong when I walked out of Minotaur a little poorer, swinging that royal purple bag - inside; my new toy.


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