11 March, 2008

A rant, a gig and an exhibition

I always have such high hopes of actually writing an entry every day (except Sunday) but as you may have noticed it never quite happens. Don't get me wrong its nothing to do with a lack of things to say - I could talk, banter and fence till the cows come home - it just never quite relates back to an entry. Perhaps another day I'll speak to you about how women have changed over the years and much understanding and passion for feminism in its truest form has been almost lost but I'm no expert on this; but that's what a blog is for - un-research ignorant rants.
Perhaps I'll ramble on about C.S. Lewis and how I find almost everything his written incredible 'food for thought'...
But till those days come I'll just let you know what gig's and exhibition I'm going to or have been to.

Let's start with what I'm going to. This Friday (14 March) at the Noise Bar on Albert St, Brunswick The Collectables are playing with Zeptepi and The Uncomfortables from the UK. 6 bucks entry; starting at 8pm.

And now.... for an exhibition I went to earlier - last Friday. Fine detail - a real whymsical fantasy and fairy tale feel to the exhibition. You can see some of the work over at City of Reubens.

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