07 June, 2012

The Forbidden History of Unpopular People: Free Speach

When Topher started to tell me about this project I misheard and built it to extraordinary proportions! Turns out that this post was a little wrong - he hasn't created a feature film... whoops. Instead it's a short punchy video.

And now, the first in his trilogy 'The Forbidden History of Unpopular People' has it's launched! Check it out below or check it out on Topher's specific 'The Forbidden History' website here.

Topher's next two video's are titled 'The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes; Counting the Cost of Government' and 'The Forbidden History of Gargantuan Government; the Bodycount of Bureaucracy'. 
Sponsor his next video/s and be part of the debate or sponsor him and see your name in the credits but either way - sponsor him. 


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