10 October, 2007

Yok Bottle

The first piece of art I've ever paid for -I think it may become an addition...
I bought The Yok Bottle.
The Yok is the artist - street art mostly, that's how I know his work anyway.
The Bottle - thick playwood/MBF in the shape of a bottle.
The Yok then did his arty thing on this bottle. Other artist did it to other bottles (I think they had two different shaped bottles) and they were all sold at a launch party for a magazine.
It is now hung on my wall for everyone to see its ultra coolness. I was over the moon when I bought it, mostly because I'd been wanting to buy something of his for quite some time but every time I saw his work for sale it was either already sold or something I just wasn't that into. This time I made sure I got to the party early so I could see it before too many masses arrived and decide if it was for me - it was and is!
For some reason, and I think its the mustache, it makes me think that if Mario ate the wrong mushroom this is what he'd end up looking like - a tree. hehee I LOVE IT!
Thanks Yok!


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