29 February, 2008

shoes. DC shoes

A friend picked up a pair of DC's the other day and they are completely green. Seriously everywhere! The sole, the stitching, the laces - everything!
He really doesn't know much about shoes so when asked for more info about them, well... nothing.
Here's my thought.
Back in 2005 DC and a restaurant called the Spotted Pig collaborated on a pair of shoes for the employees. They came up with these bright orange DC shoes that had a little pig at the back of the shoe. Since then they were released to the public in August 2007. I think he's got a variation of them.

But that's not completely the part that is driving me nuts. It the fact that I can remember seeing this photo of the shoes back in 2005 sitting on this giant plate surrounded by salad, like they were a dish on the menu.

Instead I'll just give you this, not so exciting, pic I stole from the good ppl at Freshness mag.


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