13 February, 2008

Two - 1000 Cans

He responds to Two; he resides in Melbourne and originates from Japan.
Two has finally finished hand painting 1000 spray cans - yes 1000!
My first thought was 'wow, that's cool!' But after a moment you stop and wonder...why?
Most of you will have heard the story of the Japanese girl Sadako Sakasi. Suffering from the "atom bomb disease" she was told a myth - fold 1000 paper cranes and the gods will grant you a wish. Sadako didn't reach her goal and died a year after her diagnosis but Two has reached 1000. Not a 1000 paper cranes and not because he wanted a wish granted but he's done it and just coz.

An exhibition of the 1000 cans will be shown in Melbourne at Bus Gallery. Opening 27th Feb 6pm - check out the poster for more details. See you there.


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