26 February, 2008

In my little universe

Everyone *tips hat*
Here is something to help break up the monotony of the day; it's story time!

Currently, on both the left and the right of our house, we have Auctions coming up shortly. One side is an apartment and the other side is a lush house.

On the weekend my Dad returned from the country. On his trip back in he passed two Goanna's - from the same family as the Komodo dragon - one was live and quickly ran across the road. The other... road kill and few kilometers back. Dad - being the joker and stirrer that he is (yes, he's were I get it from :P) - stops and picks up the dead Goanna. You know coz he's doing a service... - helping those in the area coz no-one wants a smelly dead goanna near their house.
The dead Goanna comes home with dad - tongue sticking out and all intact.

Why? Is that what you asked? Why would he bring a dead goanna home; well I'm getting to that. But really the first answer is always Mum.
??? you're still wondering, huh.
To scare mum and play tricks on Mum is a favorite past time for Dad - but you can't do it too often; people catch on after a while - you have to space these things out. Make sure they are really good.

Dad's home now. Mum goes to help dad empty the car, follows him out to the garage, walks into the garage. "EEK! Oh HA HA! very funny. Trying to scar me like that" heheeeee I laughed; Mum laughed later. The dead Goanna resting on the trailer right were mum has to walk, heheee.
Mum's reaction first - done.
Dad moves on. As I sit outside reading the paper he moves the Goanna to a step where students go to smoke - we wait till they come outside. Not really that much of a reaction either - even with a little encouragement from Dad's mock "oh no! what is it? its alive! careful. get back! oh what is it? oh no!" still no really good reaction.
who's next?
Well my older sister would have been straight after mum if she was around but lucky for her she wasn't visiting that day.

The Goanna stays outside as it slowly bloats and starts smelling.

hmmm who could be next? Its got to be done quickly. bingo! Dad chuckles at the thought of his next victim. Our neighbors. hehee
These "better than thou" and little sense of humor neighbors will fell it on a day they wont be so amused. Auction day

The plan.
Preserve the Goanna.
Sit it on our fence. Sit it on our nature strip in the grass. Lots of people to scare.

This is what happens at my house - the universe that lives within our walls.


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