12 October, 2007

Paper Toy

It's raining here. Outside has a thin film over everything. We haven't been getting much rain this year and who knows when we'll get the rain we truly need.
Rain makes me think I should be curled up on the couch, wrapped in my donna and either watching a movie or playing on my laptop but instead at here; at work.
For some time now I've been bored at work, yes I've mentioned this to my boss but nothing ever changes. I'm not meant to take on new work in-case there is a flood of my old work, which is always last minute should have been done yesterday type stuff. So in my down times I find other things to amuse me. My favourite is making paper toy ninja's. A while back Mr. Madson over at Little Gamers created it to entertain the masses coz he hadn't done a strip yet.
I think this paper toy is pure gold! I've got three sitting on my desk already made up and i just know that more will come - the file sits on my desktop ready for the boredom ^_^


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