23 October, 2007


On my way to work this morning I saw a lady pull out a weird looking phone - it was similar to the old n-Gage. As I watched her nav through its menus it occurred to me that we are continually learning new technologies and half the time we probably don't even notice that we are taking a few more steps to relying on it for so many functions.
(Yes - its not a completely original thought, the Japanese have taken it many steps forward - I do love Ghost in the Shell.)
As the train slowly swayed and rolled closer to my destination I started to make a quick list of the different tech devices that I've had to learn over the years.
Phone was, obviously, the first one to come to mind. Personally I like to change models and phone makers when getting a new phone, this usually means then that I need to learn a whole new OS from the last. The challenger of naving it part of the thrill of getting a new phone, along with the sweet 'extra' functions it can preform.
The second was the ticketing systems for public transport. It used to be everyday, now its at least only once a week, I see elderly people trying to understand and conform to the new ticket purchasing machines. In Melbourne the ticketing system hasn't changed that many times in too many years but it is always interesting to watch those that don't travel to the city every single day try and work it out. Again its just another process, mainly run through tech devices, that I never really stop to think about as I board and disembark from the train everyday.
Its not hard to think of more but its still early and the one coffee I've had so far wasn't up to scratch.
ohh... and computers - switching between PC's and Mac's - that's always fun. You just know that both have changed the OS some much so that its nothing like what it was last time you used one. Always fun :)


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