21 September, 2011

No. 13 - Lunch

There are days (like today) that by the time lunch arrives I'm ready to hug and kiss it before consuming it!
Yes, I am grateful for lunch. I'm ultimately grateful for food because I'm constantly eating but its usually lunch that brings that sigh meaning (finally, food, this body will survive till dinner whatever time that might arrive).

At work lunch is even more important. Its the small gap where I can switch of my mind and read a book or cruise the internet looking at the things I'm passionate about. Some days a girl just isn't that interested in electric cars or the manufacturing of metal components for the automotive industry.

The best lunches are the ones the are followed by a short stint of working flat out followed by a stroll to the bakery for delicious afternoon tea treats.
I'm tell you all now, that when I work for myself full time all my staff will stop for morning and afternoon tea. It makes it a much more enjoyable work place, like a place where (shock horror) staff are actually cared about and encouraged not to burn out.

So, what did you have for lunch today?


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