16 September, 2011

No. 10 - Nectar of the gods..... coffee

Yesterday was a day filled with pleasing things. From helping people carry bike wheels down the street and discussing children's book publication strategies; it was a very pleasurable day.
But by 2:30pm I could feel the sickness coming on - feeling weak, body starting to ache and brain slowly starting to fuzz over, it was coming some kind of cold/flu thing.

Today, my whole body is aching and I feel so very lethargic. But with mountain loads of sleep, a few vegetarian meals and a heavy dosing up of vitamins I'm hoping I feel fine tomorrow.

As you've probably guessing it because of my current state I am intensely grateful for coffee! 
Mmmm the smell, the kick and delicious flavour, oh how grateful I am for this gloriously wonderful beverage.


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