23 September, 2011

No. 14 - Having my hair dressed...

Similar to No. 4, I'm grateful that I have the means to be able to pay someone to dress my hair - a hairdresser! 

If you live in Melbourne then you'll know that over the last couple of days there have been strong winds wiping through the city at extraordinarily high speeds. If you're female you know this means that your hair gets whipped around your face. And if you are in need of a hair cut then you'll know that this kind of wind just makes that desire for a hair cut stronger! 

I'm not a vain person but sometimes little things like getting my hair cut can slowly build up until I start looking at every hairdressers I past wondering 'could they squeeze me in for an appointment now...?' 

Quickly on my lunch break today I zipped into the city for a quick hair cut. It was driving my crazy. Thankfully a place could squeeze me in for an appointment, I was super grateful!


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