12 September, 2011

No. 8 - Friends doonas

The emotional drain that I've been feeling because of changes at You Love Random recently has meant I haven't had a change to jump over here and write what I've been grateful for since last Wednesday. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it over the last four days, I have.

And today, as a sum up to the last four days, I'm grateful for the warmth of friend's doonas.

I have a Spiderman blanket on my bed but curling up under a friends doona is always comforting.
I'm not sure if its because their doona smells different to mine. Perhaps, it's the sense that their doona is somehow a symbolic reflection of they're love and protection of me by allowing me to be curl up under their doona. Either way it's... heart warming.
I'm grateful for friends that let me crash on their couches when all I need is to know I'm loved for being me, not matter what hard decisions I've had to make.
And friends that let me steal their doonas while watching movies.

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