02 September, 2011

No.4 - Massages

I'm grateful for the relaxation pampering industry.
I'm sure the industry has a real title I'm just not sure what it is but you know the people I mean, right? I'm talking massages, manicures, pedicures, haircuts and colours, eyelash tinting all those things (some more girly than others). 

I try and have one once a week. 
I'm not talking a full blown full body massage, as fantastic as that would be. A full body massage every week would make the bank happier than me via the interest I would start paying on the debt hole that would swallow me into!  
No, once a week I get a simple 20 minute neck and shoulders massage. Every now and then I'll throw in a back massage too but that's perhaps once a month. 
If you don't have massages I implore you - go to one of the many massage places that have popped up in most shopping centres and get a just a 20 minute massage it should only cost about $20 and the benefits you'll feel are worth it! 

After massages I'd have to say I really enjoy getting pedicures - probably because I wear heels for the majority of the week. The trick with pedicures is to make sure you go to a place that sits you in a massage chair (it's almost a two for one deal!).

So today, I'm grateful for this industry. They take care of my body in a way that stress, heels and a handbag most certainly do not. 

Image from ACNT

This picture is proof that men need massages too - stop ignoring the tension go get a massage now!


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