03 September, 2011

No. 5 - Friends


I could have put this as No. 2 or No. 3 but as I'm not writing these in too much of an order it doesn't really matter.

I am very grateful for my friends! My true friends. The ones I see on a weekly basis and the ones I see a couple of times a year. The relationships with those friends that truly enrich my life and are what make life so enjoyable.

In many respects life is all about relationships, loving and supporting our friends through everything. The friends that even if facebook, twitter, google + and foursquare where never invented I would still call friends.

Every now and then I do wonder 'why are they my friends?' but that just makes me more grateful that they have chosen to be my friend.

Laughter, food and the ability to speak into each others lives with love and compassion is incredible and its with friends that this happens to most.

Yep, defiantly grateful for friends. Defiantly love all my friends.

 I could easily keep adding more pictures of friends but these are the first I found. The picture of TEH J holding his ladies handbag makes me laugh every time, too funny.


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