07 September, 2011

No. 7 - Computers and the Internet

Today is freezing cold. And although their is a little sun shinny ever so weakly it isn't even warm in the sun shine which is sad.
I'm currently sitting in my office at the uni, looking out the window at students slowly maundering past. Most are talking to friends, talking on the phone, reading study notes or simply just staring at the road as they walk on by. But today I need a No. 7 and the students are more of a distraction and than an assistance (sometimes having them walk past is calming and helps to focus my thoughts).

No. 7 what will you be? What have I enjoyed today? What am I grateful for today?

Computers & the internet. It's too hard to separate them so I'm claiming both as they go hand-in-hand.

I haven't said that yet. And I do love the internet. It's hard to deny how much the internet has shaped my life - it must come straight after Jesus, family and friends dare I even say before family.

I remember my first computer when I lived in a little bungalow out the back of my parents house. I had it wedged behind the wardrobe so that I could stay up all night on the computer while lying in bed.
These days not much has changed, I still stay up all night on the computer though my computer is a laptop and I've discipline myself (after too many years) to not take my computer to bed with me.
My life is so integrated with computers and the internet that I now even have an online business, You Love Random.

Yes, I'm grateful for computers and the internet.

Little Games - still my favourite saying 11 years on (man that's a LONG time!).


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